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best New York attractions that should be on your list

The 8 best New York attractions that should be on your list

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New York is one of the major destinations that is on the bucket list of travelers. From food to nightlife to amazing places, New York has it all. There are so many places to visit and so many things to do that even a month will be short. Apart from famous sites like the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building, there are so many hidden places which are yet to be discovered.

This blog will help you list 8 major attractions that New York has to offer and the details about Spirit Flight Booking to visit those places.

The 8 best attractions of New York City: Explained

Stay clear about where to go and what to see first once you are in New York. Instead, plan your trip and book your Spirit Airlines flight ticket to have more fun experiences. Here are some most selected places that you must visit in New York without fail, or you will most definitely regret it later:

  1. Statue of Liberty: The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic buildings in the World, made in 1886 over the Hudson River. France sent it to New York as a symbol of friendship between the two nations. Its pedestal offers a great view of the city and the river, while the Crown of the Liberty provides a picture of the whole of New York with the Skyscrapers and Skylines. It’s a must-visit destination, but it is to be noted that you book the tickets for the pedestal and crown in advance.
  2. The Empire State Building: It’s another landmark of the New York skyline. It is the World’s tallest building, with 102 floors offering a spectacular view of the City.
  3. Central Park: Central Park is in the heart of Manhattan, spread out across 800 acres. You can go for a walk, jog, picnics or even just for the sake of visiting because it’s beautiful with Zoo, Garden, Castle, etc.
  4. Grand Central Terminal: This station’s history goes way back to the time with remarkable architecture with 44 platforms.
  5. Madison Square Garden: The Madison Square Garden is in the Manhattan area of the City. It is an iconic venue for sporting events. It is one of the most popular indoor stadiums in the World, with concerts and Sports activities happening every day.
  6. Time Square: Your trip to New York is complete with visiting the Times Square. It is the City’s entertainment center.
  7. Brooklyn Bridge: The Brooklyn Bridge has the most unique design and is one of the oldest bridges in the US. It stretches over the East River and connects Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn.
  8. New York Public Library: The Library is very close to the Grand Central Terminal Stephen A. Schwarzman building. This place is another landmark in New York with a great history. It is the fourth largest library in the World, with around 53 million books on the shelves.

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So, if you are keen to visit the city soon, be sure to keep the above 8 places in mind, which will help you get around very easily. For the enhancement of your travel experience, you can always go for Spirit Airlines, which offers cheaper fares and the best possible services to its customers and makes your trip hassle-free. Without thinking too much, plan and set off to your destination.

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