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Reasons to Choose Hybrid Mobile App Development Over Native

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Mobile app growth is evident in today’s fast-moving digital world. As more people are connecting to the internet with smartphones, the mobile app industry is becoming a lucrative business. Consequently, many entrepreneurs and well-established enterprises are venturing into this sector to reach a wider audience and generate more revenue streams. 

Your potential audience on mobile devices is generally segmented on iOS and Android platforms. So, now the question arises: which platform to choose for developing a mobile app? Android has over 70% of users and iOS almost 30%, so both operating systems are vital to consider. 

Therefore, business owners prefer hiring a hybrid app development company with expertise in cross-platform technologies. They develop mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms using frameworks like React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, etc. But why should you choose hybrid app development over native app development? Read this blog to find out!

Why Choose Hybrid App Development Services Over Native?

As the internet and smartphone reach increases, business owners must develop apps that can provide seamless functioning to the audience on multiple platforms. Therefore, hybrid app development is widely used for app development. 

If you select a native app development approach, your developers will write and design apps for both platforms separately, which will take more time and effort. On the other hand, building a hybrid app enables developers to use the same code for Android and iOS platforms, minimizing the development time and cost. 

Let’s look at the various benefits you get when you opt for hybrid app development.

Faster Time to Market

In hybrid app development, the written code is reused to make the same feature or functionality for Android and iOS. Hence, it makes the mobile app development process much faster. Moreover, if you want to make any changes in the app scope, it will be easier and faster for your team to launch that feature.

Simplified Maintenance

Even after the app development or the launch, your work is not finished, as your application needs continuous maintenance to ensure it keeps functioning as intended. When you opt for native app development, you must hire a maintenance team for Android and iOS apps separately. However, hybrid app development services also provide app maintenance for both iOS and Android.

Consistent User Experience

With native app development, you have to design the UI/UX of the app according to the iOS and Android device screens, making it challenging to maintain design consistency for the app. However, with hybrid app development, you can combine the native as well as web app attributes, ensuring consistent and interactive user experience for both iOS and Android. 

Cost-effective Development

In native app development, you need to hire a dedicated team for both iOS and Android app platforms separately, making it a costly process for business. In contrast, choosing hybrid app development services eliminates the need to hire two separate teams for iOS and Android. Your app development team can simultaneously build an app using cross-platform frameworks for multiple platforms.

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Powerful Community Support of Cross-platform Frameworks

You can use cross-platform frameworks like React Native, Ionic, Flutter, etc., to build hybrid apps that function seamlessly across multiple platforms. These frameworks have extensive support from their respective development community and contributors. With their assistance, you can efficiently resolve any query during development. 


As we have discussed, hybrid apps offer a cost-effective and faster app development solution, making them an ideal choice for businesses. Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, Microsoft Teams, Uber, etc., are well-recognized hybrid apps. Hire a top-rated company providing Mobile app development services if you want to establish yourself in this competitive market.  However, you must consider your app objectives and needs to understand your unique requirements. Furthermore, you must look for a company with technical expertise and experience to ensure you get the desired results from your app. 

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