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How to send money through Walmart?

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Walmart has around 11,500 stores all across the world in around 26 countries outside the United States and is now a quite popular service which is pretty much well known among the users. 

Providing financial services is a way of Wal-Mart to expand its services and the various services which are offered by walmart includes – 

Walmart credit card 

Walmart gift card 

Reloadable debit card 

Check printing and cashing 

Tax prep services 

Walmart pay 

Walmart money order 

Walmart money transfers 

Bill pay 

Today in this blog we are going to learn in detail about money transfers at Walmart and if you are also interested in learning about it then this is the right place to do so and we would advise you to stick to the blog till the last line. 

Money transfer services at Walmart 

The money sending services at Walmart for domestic as well as international are offered by Ria and money gram, where Ria powers domestic money transfer whereas, Moneygram supports international transfer of money. 

Based on what your needs are, Walmart provides a variety of options using which you can send money anywhere in the United States and also to other countries in all corners of the world. 

Sending money through walamrt2walmart for the users 

For Walmart send money on a domestic level you have to visit any Walmart store near to you, where the store will let you find a location which is best for the recipient.

You have to pay the amount you want to send along with the fee for the same, you can use a debit card or a credit card to make the payment or you can also use US dollars for the same. 

When you are done with it, the money will be available for the recipient to the location which is most convenient for him or her in less than 10 minutes. 

You can also make use of the mobile app of Walmart to send money which will also let you skip the line and let you complete your transaction very easily. 

Sending money through walmart internationally: steps for it 

Now, we will tell you how you can send money through walmart on international levels for which you need to follow some steps which are – 

You have to first get yourself registered and then get logged into your account following which you are required to put in the details of the sender. 

After you are done putting in your details you are also required to put in the details of the receiver who is going to receive the money. 

Enter the amount you wish to transfer through Walmart and then select the mode of payment through which you will pay the money, the options available for you are to pay using a credit card, a debit card or send directly from your bank account. 

After selecting this, you also have to select a receiving mode and that’s it your money is on its way to the other person!

Do not forget to access site to discover more about walmart and money sending service.  

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