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Creating the perfect Srinagar tour plan: Tips and tricks for travellers

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Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is a pleasant city. A Srinagar tour plan takes you to a place that seems to come from a fairy-tale. It is nestled in the lap of the Himalayas.

Srinagar is firstly known for its pristine lakes, serene houseboats, vibrant gardens, and rich cultural heritage. Creating the perfect Srinagar tour requires thoughtful planning and attention to detail. In this blog we’ll meanwhile provide you with valuable tips and tricks.

1: The Right Time to Visit

Timing of your visit plays a great role in your Srinagar experience. The best time for Srinagar tour plan is during the summer months.

From April to September, the weather is pleasant, and the gardens are in full bloom. However, if you want to witness the region’s snow covered beauty, plan a winter trip. The winter remains from December to February.

2: Secure the Necessary Permits

Before you travel to Srinagar, be aware that some areas may require permits. It is needed mainly if you plan to explore regions for example Gulmarg or Pahalgam. Research and obtain the needed permits well in advance to avoid any last minute hassles.

3: Plan Your Accommodation

Srinagar offers a wide range of staying options. Further, choose from lavish houseboats on Dal Lake to budget friendly hotels in the city. Depending on your budget and choices, make bookings ahead of time to secure your desired lodging.

Also take assistance from Srinagardeals Chennai Srinagar tour packages discounts deals and feel like a wonderous short of magical.

4: Travel Light

When visiting Srinagar, if you plan to stay on a houseboat, it’s advisable to pack light. Essential items include warm clothing for the evenings and mornings. Further, pack good walking shoes, and a backpack for day trips.

5: Explore Dal Lake

Dal Lake is the heart of Srinagar and a prominent part of your tour plan. Take a shikara (traditional wooden boat) ride on the lake.

Further, visit the floating gardens and stay in a houseboat for a unique experience. Meanwhile, don’t forget to capture the charming sunrise and sunset views.

6: Visit the Mughal Gardens

Srinagar is famous for its uniqueMughal Gardens. They are the Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, and Chashme Shahi etc.

Further, plan a visit to these well maintained gardens. There you will meanwhile admire the Mughal structure, vibrant flowerbeds, and serene water features.

7: Explore the Old City

The old city of Srinagar is a labyrinth of narrow lanes and bustling markets. Spend some time wandering through the ancient streets. After that, visit Jama Masjid and shop for handicrafts, including Pashmina shawls, Kashmiri rugs, and saffron.

8: Savor Kashmiri Cuisine

Your trip to Srinagar wouldn’t be complete without trying the local food or cuisine. Don’t miss signature dishes for example Rogan Josh, Dum Aloo, and famous Wazwan feast. Enjoy these culinary delights at local restaurants or in the comfort of your houseboat.

9: Plan a Day Trip to Gulmarg

Gulmarg, located about 50kms from Srinagar, is a must visit place. Known for scenic meadows and world class skiing facilities, Gulmarg is perfect for a day trip.

You can also take the Gulmarg Gondola one of the highest cable cars in the world. It takes you to explore some stunning views.

10: Experience Local Culture

Immerse yourself in the rich Kashmiri culture by attending a traditional music and dance program. Meanwhile, visit a local hand made crafts workshop.

Engaging with locals and learning about their way of life. It will further add a depth to your travel experience.

11: Respect Local Customs

It’s needed to respect the local customs and culture in Srinagar. Dress modestly, mainly when going to the sacred sites. Further, ask before taking photos of people or their buildings.

12: Stay Tuned on Security News

Srinagar has had periods of unrest in the past. So it is needed to stay tuned about the current security situation. Check travel tips and consult local authorities or your stay provider for updates during your stay.


Creating the perfect Srinagar tour requires careful consideration of timing, hotels and activities. Following these tips and tricks, you can ensure a pleasant and hassle free visit to Srinagar. Srinagar’s natural beauty, rich culture, and warm welcome make it a great place.

It will further stay in your heart long after your trip has ended. So, pack your bags to embrace the charm of Srinagar. Prepare for a journey filled with joyful experiences.

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