Best Wicket Keeper in The World

Who has Been The Best Wicket Keeper in The World? Find Out

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In cricket, people often forget about the wicketkeeper as the entire focus is mainly on batters and bowlers. The wicketkeeper is a very important part of the game as he is the one who helps the team captain with different ideas from behind the stumps. The best wicketkeepers are players who observe the entire game and remain attentive so that their observations can help the team. 

A wicketkeeper should be agile, aware and quick behind the stumps to catch out a person or stump the batter. This is why it is very important to have a very good wicketkeeper in a team and in the article, we are going to tell you about the world’s best wicket keeper so that you can know about these exceptional players who have changed matches from behind the stumps. 


If you are looking for the best wicketkeeper in cricket history then, you do not need to look very far away as we are going to discuss the best wicketkeepers here in this list. 

  • Mark Boucher 

This South African wicketkeeper is considered to be the best wicketkeeper in the history of cricket and there are substantial proofs for the same. The South African has played all three formats of the cricket and he is the first wicketkeeper who has completed 400 dismissals in test cricket. While Boucher is no longer playing, he still holds the record for the most number of dismissals (532 catches, 23 stumpings) in test cricket. 

  • Adam Gilchrist 

The next wicketkeeper to remember is Adam Gilchrist. Gilchrist has been regarded as one of the best wicketkeepers in the history of cricket and a very great batsman. Gilchrist has not only contributed to his own achievements but his outstanding performance has helped Australia in winning matches countless times. Gilchrist is also one of the three players who have smashed 100 sixes in test cricket and his dismissals have contributed to the golden times of Australia a lot. 

  • MS Dhoni 

We hardly think that the list of the world no 1 wicket keeper will be complete without MS Dhoni. The ex-Indian captain is hands down one of the most brilliant wicketkeepers in the world. Along with being an awesome wicketkeeper, Dhoni is also regarded as one of the best Indian captains who have secured the three trophies for the Indian team. MS Dhoni also has the record for having the most number of dismissals from behind the wicket in ODIs. 

  • Kumar Sangakkara 

Kumar Sangakkara is one of the best wicketkeepers from Sri Lanka and in the world. The batsman was a very important part of the golden generation of Sri Lanka that won the ODI world cup in 2011. If you are thinking about his wicket-keeping skills then, you need to know that he has 402 stumpings in tests and 99 stumpings in ODI which is very good. 

These are the best wicketkeepers in the world that people look up to when they aim to be a wicketkeeper. I hope you would love our blog and got the complete information.

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