Packaging Inserts
Packaging Inserts

What Advantages Packaging Inserts Bring for Your Branding Concerns?

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If you’re seeking ways to enhance the perception of your business, custom packaging inserts could be the difference. It’s not only about what you sell in today’s competitive marketplace; it’s also about how you showcase it. Your products can jump out from the competition, provide you ongoing value in your brand’s identity, and increase max ROI with bespoke packaging design. Using custom box inserts can help your business in many ways. For example, you can use them to protect your goods during shipping and handling, or you can use them to find new ways to impress your customers. According to Zion Market Research, the global packaging market size was USD 13.48 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to reach USD 19.59 billion by the end of 2030. Inserts can help you tell a bigger story with your brand and messaging, in addition to keeping your goods in place. Packaging inserts present excellent branding opportunities through engaging design, reinforcing brand identity, enabling targeted messaging, providing value, and cost-effective marketing. Your buyers will like that you care about the little things. They’ll also enjoy taking out-of-the-box items from your brand that are in great shape and look nice. Check out the many ways that personalized box inserts can help your business.

Understanding Packaging Inserts – A Comprehensive Guide 

Custom Box Inserts are also called packing inserts. These inserts are used by businesses to make sure that each product stays in place inside other boxes. Most of the companies use wood or paper to make insets. The main job of a package insert is to protect the product, but it can also help your brand stand out. Businesses that ship more than one thing at once can use these inserts to keep each item in its right place when the box is opened. You can also add the logo and design of your business to the box inserts to get your customers excited. Find out more about why custom covers for boxes are a good idea.

Strengthen Your Brand Identity With Packaging Inserts

The customer’s touchpoint to your business is that brands with the best custom retail packaging have the most opportunity to attract both old and new customers. When it comes to the benefits, custom box inserts can:
  • Strategies for Customer Interaction
Well-designed packaging inserts grab customer attention in a running-over marketplace. An insert immediately engages consumers upon unboxing, unlike external packaging seen briefly before purchase. Insert content introduces the brand story and highlights product benefits. This makes inserts ideal for educating new customers. For existing customers, new inserts maintain excitement around your brand. Consider using infographics, bold typography, and inspirational messaging on inserts to captivate audiences.
  • Enhancing Brand’s Identity through Effective Scenarios
Packaging inserts strengthen brand recognition and recall. Repeated brand exposure is crucial for building customer familiarity and loyalty. Thoughtful packaging insert design aligns with wider brand identity. Using consistent fonts, colors, and imagery reinforces the visual language. Including compelling brand messaging reminds customers of core values and differentiators. Over time, customers will come to expect and appreciate branded inserts. This builds affinity while extending brand reach.
  • Crafting Tailored Messages 
These inserts also help you to communicate with your targeted audiences for better opportunities. Unlike mass advertising, inserts reach specific customer segments at the individual level. Messaging can be tailored based on interests, demographics, purchase history, and other data insights. Targeting makes communication more relevant and impactful. For example, personalized promotions on inserts incentivize repeat purchases. New product or feature announcements on inserts keep existing customers informed. Brands can also survey customers through inserts to gain valuable feedback.
  • Provide Ongoing Value 
Packaging inserts demonstrate an ongoing commitment to delivering value. Providing helpful materials shows customers the brand cares beyond the point of sale. Instructional inserts ensure correct product use while building expertise and confidence. Educational inserts offer tips for getting the most from your purchase. Thought leadership establishes the brand’s industry authority. Support resources on inserts like contact information for assistance to increase brand reliability. Overall, packaging inserts reinforce the brand’s role as a valued partner.
  • Cost-effective Marketing 
Compared to many marketing channels, inserts offer a cost-efficient way to reach customers. Television, radio, and print advertising can be prohibitively expensive for small businesses. Packaging inserts allow brands to include high-quality print materials with minimal additional production costs. And unlike direct mail, you can be sure inserts will reach your target market. While digital channels are cheaper, physical inserts stand out and are more engaging. The flexibility of inserts also allows testing content and offers before scaling up.

Winding Up! 

Packaging inserts are a versatile, cost-effective marketing channel for brands. When thoughtfully designed and targeted, inserts grab customer attention, reinforce branding, communicate key messages, and provide ongoing value. Here at Viveprinting, their custom packaging inserts help brands boost engagement and build lasting relationships with customers. With compelling and strategic inserts, you can achieve your branding goals at this critical consumer touchpoint. Contact their team today to explore how packaging packs can work for your brand.


Q: How can packaging inserts support brand awareness?

A: Consistent brandings like logos, colors, and messaging help packaging inserts boost brand awareness. Interesting content and design also make inserts more memorable.

Q: What types of offers should go on packaging packs?

A: Relevant special promotions, discounts, contests, product trials, and loyalty programs give customers the incentive to engage with inserts. Offers should encourage repeat purchases.

Q: How do you make sure customers actually read inserts?

A: Compelling visuals, clear messaging, personalization, and valuable content improve readership. Calls to action and interactive elements like surveys also boost engagement.

Q: Can inserts help improve the unboxing experience?

A: Yes, branded inserts enhance unboxing and first impressions of a product. Surprising customers with premium inserts makes them feel valued.

Q: What data can packaging inserts provide brands?

A: Inserts present opportunities to gather data through surveys, feedback forms, QR code scans, and unique promo codes. This data delivers customer insights.

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