Top Reggae Musicians Of 2023

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Reggae music has been one of the most influential genres in music history, with its roots stretching back to Jamaica in the 1960s. In the decades since, reggae’s popularity and influence have only grown, with contemporary artists from many backgrounds drawing inspiration from its distinctive sound. This article will take a closer look at the state of reggae music today, exploring who are some of its current influencers and rising stars. We’ll also examine recent innovations in the genre and finally identify the top reggae musicians of 2023 – providing readers with an insight into this vibrant and ever-evolving musical landscape.

Background and origins of reggae music


Reggae music has been an integral part of the music scene since its inception in Jamaica in the 1960s. Its influence can be traced back to both North American and African music, with ska and rocksteady providing a foundation for its development. The genre has become known for its syncopated rhythms and strong bass line, as well as its ability to bridge cultures from around the world.

The popularity of reggae music has spread far beyond Jamaica, with musicians from different countries incorporating elements of reggae into their own musical styles. In many cases, this genre has been used as a tool for social change, with lyrics that challenge racial and economic injustice. Reggae artists such as Bob Marley have made their mark on society by advocating for freedom through their songs, while other artists tackle topics such as poverty and inequality.

The rise of reggae music over the past five decades is indicative of its lasting relevance in today’s musical landscape. While some of its original sounds may have faded away or evolved into new genres, reggae remains a key element in many popular songs and continues to inspire new generations of musicians. It is this flexibility that makes reggae so special; it can take on different forms while still staying true to its roots.


Rising stars in the reggae scene


The reggae scene is constantly evolving, and many up-and-coming artists are pushing boundaries and experimenting with new sounds. From the conscious lyrics of Protoje to the dub beats of Chronixx, there is a diverse range of music coming from different parts of the world. The popularity of reggae is increasing again in the 21st century, as more fans discover its unique sound.

One of the most popular subgenres of reggae today is dancehall, which originated in Jamaica during the late 1970s. Dancehall has become a global sensation due to its upbeat tempo and catchy rhythms, drawing influence from hip-hop and electronic music. Newer dancehall musicians such as Koffee and Shenseea have brought a fresh take on this style while also staying true to its roots.

Dub music has been around since the 1960s but recently there has been an increase in interest in this genre, mainly due to technology advancements that allow musicians to create unique sounds using effects processors. Dub producers such as Mad Professor and Scientist have created some truly innovative tracks that have left their mark on reggae music forever.

Roots reggae remains one of the most popular genres within reggae music and continues to be an inspiration for many upcoming artists who want to stay true to traditional sounds while still bringing something new to the table. Artists such as Alborosie and Tarrus Riley continue to bring a contemporary feel to classic roots styles with their own signature sound that appeals both old school enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

The current state of reggae shows that it still maintains its relevance today despite all these changes over time, proving itself capable of adapting to new trends while still staying true to its core values. With so many talented artists emerging every year, there’s no doubt that 2023 will be an exciting year for fans of reggae music across all genres who can look forward discovering some great new talent!


The top reggae musicians of 2023


The top reggae musicians of 2023 have been chosen for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the genre. These musicians have pushed boundaries, experimented with new sounds, and created an impact that has had a lasting reverberation in the reggae music scene. Each artist has something unique to offer and is set to make waves in 2023. 

At the top of the list is Protoje, a Jamaican roots reggae singer-songwriter who has been making waves in the industry since 2011. His conscious lyrics are full of social commentary, with his latest release titled ‘A Matter Of Time’ being hailed as one of the best albums in years. He is also known for collaborating with artists such as Chronixx and Koffee, helping to bridge traditional reggae sounds with more modern influences.

Second on the list is Chronixx, another Jamaican artist whose music combines elements of dancehall, dub and roots reggae. His captivating live performances have earned him worldwide recognition and he’s collaborated with some of the biggest names in dancehall including Sean Paul and Vybz Kartel. He recently released his debut album ‘Chronology’ which has gained critical acclaim from both fans and critics alike.

Third on this list is Macka B, a veteran British MC who rose to fame during UK’s sound system era in the 1980s. He’s renowned for his conscious lyrics that tackle topics such as politics and global issues, which have resonated deeply within Jamaica’s music scene over time. Macka B has worked with some of Jamaica’s most influential producers including Sly & Robbie, Mafia & Fluxy, Steely & Clevie, King Jammy’s and John John Records – all of whom are at the forefront of creating today’s reggae soundscapes.

Fourth on our list is The Expanders – an old school roots band from Los Angeles who have been making waves since 2005 when they released their debut album ‘Hustling Culture’ which received critical acclaim around the world. Their mp3 sound blends traditional ska rhythms with classic rocksteady jams creating a unique blend that sets them apart from other bands in their genre. They continue to tour extensively around North America while releasing regular singles throughout 2021/2022 leading up to their upcoming album ‘Reggae Evolution’ due out later this year (2023).

Also featured on this list are Koffee – a young female vocalist who blends her soulful voice with thoughtful lyrics; Shenseea – a rising Dancehall starlet; Mad Professor – one of Britain’s foremost dub producers; Scientist – an iconic producer and legendary engineer; Alborosie – an Italian-born multi-instrumentalist whose work fuses traditional roots vibes with modern electronic beats; Tarrus Riley – an American R&B singer whose latest album ‘Healing’ explores issues such as love and heartache through smooth melodies and catchy hooks; Finally rounding off our list is Protoje collaborator Jesse Royal who recently released his long awaited debut album ‘Lily Of Da Valley’.

These are just some of many talented musicians taking part in this ever evolving musical landscape we call Reggae Music! We can look forward to hearing even more amazing collaborations between these stars over the course of 2023 – stay tuned!


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