Nightclubs in Beijing for Your Business Drinks
Nightclubs in Beijing for Your Business Drinks

Top Nightclubs in Beijing for Your Business Drinks

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Beijing, the capital city of China, brings together people and culture from across the globe. Beijing nightlife will make you feel ecstatic with its prosperity and colourful destinations. If you are in Beijing on a business tour, make sure to explore the following nightclubs for your business drinks and more.

Ten Nightclubs for Your Business Drinks in Beijing

1.  The World of Suzie Wong in the Chaoyang district is one of the most banging nightclubs in Beijing, particularly in this part of the city. It is quite a high-end destination which looks identical to an opulent opium den and is crowded with millennials, business personnel and professional expats. Some of the best cocktails for your business gathering are Oriental Herbal Tea, Pineapple Cookies, Butterfly Pea Sour, Lai Chee Kang and Batida De Coco e Maracuja, Uncle Wong’s Cendol and Mangosteen Mai Tai. The drinks will cost you around RM 58, but ladies are served a complimentary free flow of beer and wine!

2. If you are eager to explore the Beijing nightlife on a business tour make sure to visit Babyface. It has branches in Guangzhou and Shanghai, but the Beijing Babyface is the finest. It set the Beijing lounge trend so there will be a lot of dancing going around all night long. One part of the club will have DJs playing house music, while the other mostly has hip hop. If you are here with your businessmates, do not forget to try the blend of green tea and whiskey.

3. The Boat is one of the most elegant watertop nightclubs in Beijing, which is situated aboard a boat which you will find stationed near Sanlitun Bei Lu on the Liangma River. There are two levels on the boat, each having a dance floor and a bar where you can party in between your business deals and dance along the cranky tunes spun by international and local DJs. The Qingdao’s beers are for $5 only and perhaps the cheapest you will find in the city. You can also enjoy their mixed drinks on your business visits.

4. Nightlife in Beijing is all about exploring the vibrant destinations and the cultural vibes of the city. If you rent apartment in Beijing, you can enjoy backpacking alongside making business deals. Nevertheless, Propaganda is one of the hottest nightclubs in Beijing for your business drinks. On the weekends it is crowded by party people on both floors. The Main floor is the best place for meeting with business personnel and having some drinks since it is much of a lounge. Propaganda is a long-established nightclub that serves preposterously cheap drinks. Friday night is Tequila night and drinks are available for CNY 5 per shot.

5. If you want to party hard in Beijing after cracking a business deal, make sure to visit Mix Club. As the name suggests, Mix brings together people who can be from anywhere in the world. The fashionable decoration of the nightclub reminds you of the absolute European or North American nightclub. The overlook of the place is much like San Francisco’s ‘Ten 15’ or Los Angeles’ ‘Arena’. The 2-floor contemporarily designed nightclub is equipped with the best lighting and sound system. Drink your way through two different kinds of beer and six authentically different cocktails.

6. Another place for you to enjoy your business drink is Trinity Club in Sanlitun, a place which is almost synonymous with the nightlife in Beijing. Anyone looking for an ultimate experience of the nightlife with unlimited drinks and bright lights illuminating the dance floor can come down to this place. It is a great place for getting together for your business meetings for its cosy ambience. The well-made cocktails can be your perfect business drink when you are at Trinity Club.

7. One of the best nightclubs in Beijing for your business drinks is V Plus Lounge which serves delicious bistro food. This bar and nightclub is owned by Na Ying, Chinese Pop Diva and is a thumping venue to dance away work stress. So it is a good place where you can party hard after cracking a business deal. V Plus Lounge is a popular role model for the bars and clubs in Beijing that hardly focus on anything other than music and drinks.

8. VICS Club is a long-established club in Beijing and one of the first F&B destinations in the city to have giant burgers on its food menu, even before the Burger Festival in Beijing became a thing. It is obviously one of the few bars and nightclubs in Beijing that serve good food. This is why VICS Club can be an ideal destination for your business parties. For private gatherings, VICS also offers karaoke boxes. VICS is different from most other clubs in the city which only feature big illuminated dance floors. You can grab your favourite cocktails and beers but the drinks here are pretty expensive.

9. One of the best nightclubs for your business drinks in Beijing is Angel Club. The club was established in 2005 and seems to be rather nostalgic. The songs played in this nightclub are either pop songs from several years ago or old-school international and local songs. The best part of this club is the variety of drinks available to customers. So if you are here on a business trip, grab the best quality beer and wine which are still offered at a reasonable price. The drinks are in fact cheaper than most other bars in Beijing that are popular among business personnel.

10. Last but not the least is Red Dog which says it offers an unconventional experience to visitors between the past and the future. It is a dedicated bar and nightclub that serves fine drinks. The wine and cocktail bar and nightclub can be your Friday night getaway on a business trip. It is one of the best places for experiencing the nightlife in Beijing. It appreciates your taste sensations and visual appreciation, as you travel through the spectrum of time.

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