Top 5 Omar Sy Movies

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Omar Sy is not your typical Hollywood actor. While some stars are content to pose for hours in front of posters, or tell rehearsed comic stories on night-time talk shows, Sy prefers to dress like a maintenance worker and spend his days gluing up billboard posters on the Paris Metro.

1. The Intouchables

Featuring Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy, The Intouchables is based on the true story of an unlikely friendship between a rich Parisian aristocrat and an irrepressible roughneck from the banlieue. Sy’s performance in this feel-good drama won him a Cesar, France’s version of the Oscar.

Driss (Omar Sy) barges into the office of quadriplegic millionaire Philippe – played by Cluzet – to demand a signature on his employment benefit form. He ends up landing the job as Philippe’s caretaker, and over time he brings the wealthy man new meaning to his life.

Sy began his career as a regular on Jamel Debbouze’s popular radio show and teamed up with Fred Testot to form the comedy duo Omar et Fred. He’s since starred in several big-name films, including X-Men: Days of Future Past and Jurassic World. He also voices characters in a number of computer animated movies.

2. Lupin

Sy exploded onto the French film scene with this heartwarming drama about a streetwise young man who becomes the personal care assistant to a wealthy quadriplegic. He won the coveted Globe de Cristal award for his performance as well as nominations at the Lumieres and Cesar awards.

Inspired by the stories of fictional thief Arsene Lupin by Maurice Leblanc, the show follows gentleman thief Assane Diop. When a family’s Marie Antoinette necklace is lost, he schemes to purloin it from the Louvre. He enlists loan sharks and even a prisoner to help him.

Though the second season of the series ratchets up the tension, it never becomes grim or bleak thanks to Sy’s magnetic performance. Whether communicating through anagrams or tossing carrots into a pot with warmhearted paternal swagger, he is an undeniable star of the show.

3. The Takedown

After a career of goofing on radio call-ins, Sy blew up in France and then conquered the English-speaking world with his hit Netflix series Lupin, a stylish take on Arsene Lupin’s gentleman thief adventures. Sy’s success led to a multi-project deal with French production powerhouse Gaumont, which is releasing this new film on 123movies.

The Takedown reunites Sy with director Louis Leterrier, who also directed episodes of Lupin. It follows Ousmane Diakite and Francois Monge, two cops with very different styles and backgrounds, as they investigate a murder that turns out to be part of a larger criminal case.

The Takedown feels like a Gallic spin on buddy cop action flicks from the ’80s and ’90s. The actors have a chemistry that makes the movie enjoyable, even if it doesn’t break out of the familiar action-flick mold.

4. The Wolf’s Call

If submarine warfare with a dose of international intrigue sounds like your idea of a Wednesday night movie, then you’ll enjoy The Wolf’s Call. This debut directorial effort from Antonin Baudry features a cast that includes veterans Sy, Mathieu Kassovitz and Reda Kateb as the crew of a French nuclear missile submarine tasked with tracking down an unknown enemy.

The movie’s protagonist Chanterai De is a genius sonar specialist who must use his sense of hearing to hunt down a hidden threat that could trigger a nuclear holocaust. Sy’s performance is nothing short of spectacular as he brings a charismatic presence to the role. He combines a cool swagger with a warm-hearted paternal grit that makes him the ideal hero. It’s no wonder that the movie earned Sy a Cesar Award nomination.

5. Belleville Cop

The French actor became famous in the country for his sketch comedy duo with Fred Testot (Omar et Fred). He soon garnered attention and accolades for his role in The Intouchables. He has since starred in a number of French films including the box office hit Lupin and the submarine-set film Le chant du Loup.

Although the poster and concept may have a resemblance to the ’80s Eddy Murphy movie Beverly Hills Cop, there is a wide chasm between this unofficial French remake and its inspiration. This is largely because Belleville Cop lacks the original’s charismatic lead and its R-rated fish-out-of-water humor. It also fails to deliver on the big-budget promise, proving to be another major disappointment for Sy after 2017’s Dr Knock. Nevertheless, it is a solid action-comedy worth checking out.

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