Top 5 Lobster Shops You Can Buy Online

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When it comes to buying lobster online, many shoppers look for variety, convenience, and affordability. Top-rated stores also prioritize customer satisfaction, offering refunds for a variety of reasons.

Lobster buy online is one of the best lobster buy online retailers, and their website is clean and user-friendly. They offer a variety of options and even have a gift basket option for special occasions.


The Lobster Guy

If you’re looking for a lobster delivery service, The Lobster Guy is an excellent choice. The company sources lobsters from New England waters and docks, and it promises to deliver your order within one business day of its purchase. In addition, The Lobster Guy offers a wide selection of gift baskets and create-your-own-lobster-gram options.

If your delivery is a bit delayed, the company will reship it at no extra cost to you. The lobsters are shipped in a reusable polystyrene cooler and are surrounded by ice-cold gel packs to ensure that they arrive fresh and safe.

The Lobster Guy has thousands of reviews on its website, and most are five-stars. The company focuses on sustainability and partnering with local Maine fishermen. Its lobsters are wild-caught and hard-shelled, which gives them a richer flavor than their domestic counterparts. The company also tries to limit the number of lobsters they catch each week. This helps keep the supply of lobsters stable and enables it to provide customers with a reliable service.

Legal Sea Foods

The Legal Sea Foods restaurant chain is a premier seafood establishment that serves New England cuisine. Their menu includes classic dishes such as chowdah and lobster rolls. They have an online fish market where you can order fresh seafood that will be shipped nationwide.

The company is based in Boston and has over 24 locations in five states. Its restaurants serve over 7 million customers annually. The restaurant chain is known for its commitment to quality and safety. They offer a variety of seafood and have a large catering department.

In addition to their traditional seafood restaurants, they also have a restaurant supply business and an online store. Their restaurant supply business offers a variety of items including clams, crab cakes, and filet mignon. They also offer a wide range of other products such as kitchen equipment and gift cards. They use a local seafood wholesaler called North Coast, which is a family-owned company that specializes in quality seafood.

Luke’s Lobster

Luke’s Lobster is a company that understands the needs of lobster lovers. They offer a convenient online ordering service that is quick, efficient and friendly. They also provide delivery services so you can enjoy their delicious lobster rolls anytime, anywhere.

They buy only premium seafood that has been handled delicately from dock to plate. This is their guarantee to quality. They also offer an extensive menu and a wide selection of cocktails and desserts. Their seafood is sourced from the clean cold waters of Maine and shipped carbon neutral.

You can get their classic lobster kit, which includes two fully cooked, flash frozen lobsters, knuckle and claw meat, split-top buns, unsalted butter, lemon, an insulated cooler, and a cooking guide. You can also get their famous lobster feast, which serves up to eight people and includes two lbs of lobster mac & cheese, four pints of chowder, and eight whoopie pies. The kits can be ordered on a monthly or bimonthly basis.

Lobster Anywhere

Lobster Anywhere is an online lobster shop that offers a variety of seafood and gifts. Their website is easy to navigate and is categorized into Lobster, Seafood, Chowder & Bisque, Specials, and Gifts. They also claim to have quick and free shipping.

Lobster Anywhere sources their seafood straight from local fishermen and fisherwomen. Their creatures spend minimum time in refrigerated tanks that are filled with fresh, cycled salt water. They then go through a process of grading and handpicking in preparation for delivery. They are then packed with lots of super-cold gel packs and shipped. This ensures that lobsters arrive at your door in a fresh and unspoiled state.

Lobster Anywhere has an extensive collection of seafood items to meet any budget. They also provide lobsters at a price that is comparable to those in grocery stores. Their shipping is fast, and they deliver to most locations in the US. Lobster Anywhere also provides recipes, guides, and other cooking tips on their website.

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