How Does Lack of Sleep Affect Men's Health?

Top 5 Lifestyle Factors Contributing to Low Sperm Count

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Due to infertility, many people experience issues in starting their family. Infertility issues in either partner can make it difficult for them to conceive successfully. In men, issues related to the sperm are common, such as low sperm count, low sperm quality, motility and abnormal sperm morphology. If you are also experiencing the same issue, get low sperm count treatment in Punjab from the best IVF centre. Read the blog to understand what are the various lifestyle factors that cause low sperm count. Men facing such issues must not panic or worry because there are treatments available. After taking this treatment and improving one’s lifestyle, one can increase one’s sperm count and quality. 

Lifestyle Causes Of Low Sperm Count

Lifestyle plays an imperative role in your health. The way you live your life determines your health. If you live a healthy lifestyle, you are more likely to be fertile and healthy overall, but if you have a sedentary lifestyle, you may face fertility issues and other health problems. Fertility issues can be treated at the best IVF centre in Punjab, but along with the treatment, you must make lifestyle changes to support the treatment and maximise your results. The article entails some of the lifestyle factors that cause low sperm count. These are mentioned as follows:


One of the most neglected factors that is one of the top causes of various health issues is stress. It causes negative effects on the body and causes hormonal imbalance, inflammation in the body, mental exhaustion, emotional distress and a lot more. This affects the reproductive organs, too, resulting in low sperm count and decreased chances of conceiving. If you have chronic stress and are unable to manage it, consult a specialist and manage stress effectively. In addition, visit the best IVF centre in Punjab and improve your chances of conceiving successfully. 

Inadequate Sleep 

Sleep is extremely important for the body, whether you need to repair tissues or increase your sperm count. Numerous processes occur in your body when you sleep: different organs secrete various juices or acids and release hormones and enzymes that ensure the proper functioning of the body. However, when you do not sleep on time or sleep for fewer hours, the body will feel restless despite the sleep. You will experience both physical and mental exhaustion when you wake up, which can also affect your sperm production and count. It is crucial for regulating various body processes and regenerative processes. Therefore, get adequate sound sleep and increase your sperm count. 

Alcohol & Smoking

Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption can both contribute to low sperm count. Consider opting for the best IVF treatments in Ludhiana to improve your sperm count. Smoking is perilous for our health and affects almost all the organs of the body, and reproductive organs are no exception. Similarly, drinking also affects the body when consumed regularly over a period of time. These reduced the quality as well as the count of the sperm. Hence, you must stop smoking and drinking. 

Weight Issues

Whether you are overweight or underweight, in both cases, the sperm quality and count are affected. Being underweight causes low levels of testosterone, low sperm density and increased FHS. Similarly, being overweight is also linked to hormonal imbalance, resulting in low sperm production. Maintain an ideal weight or opt for low sperm count treatment in Ludhiana from the best IVF doctor. 

Poor Nutrition and Inactive Lifestyle

Not eating clean food or healthy food and living a sedentary lifestyle are other factors that can cause low sperm count and quality. You must work out regularly and eat well so that your body makes optimal use of the nutrition and in turn you get a healthy body that is fit in and out. When you eat healthy, you provide your body with proper and required nutrients, vitamins, and supplements. In addition, if you work out, you can maximise the benefits of both workout and diet. 


Sperm count can be affected due to various reasons. One of the reasons is lifestyle factors. Being overweight, underweight, drinking and smoking excessively, getting inadequate sleep, stressing, eating a poor diet and living a sedentary lifestyle are some of the lifestyle-related factors that cause poor or low sperm count. If you are experiencing the same, get the best IVF treatments in Ludhiana and make lifestyle changes to improve your sperm count as well as your chances of conceiving successfully.

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