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Top 5 Advantages of Choosing Sea Freight for Your Cargo Needs

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A sea freight is among the most common and economical methods for shipping goods across international borders. Although air freight is quicker, the cost is substantially greater. You will look at the top 5 benefits of shipping goods by water.

1. Low Cost 

The cheap cost of sea freight in comparison to other choices like air freight is one of its main advantages. Because container ships can carry a lot of cargo, the expense of transportation and storage is dispersed across a lot of cargo. This makes sea freight on average around 75% cheaper than air freight per kilogram. For businesses or individuals shipping large quantities of non-perishable goods, the savings from opting for sea freight can be substantial.

2. Large Cargo Capacity

Modern container ships have enormous cargo capacities, sometimes carrying over 20,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units). This massive capacity allows sea freight to transport extremely large volumes of goods in one shipment. Whether you need to ship pallets, crates or full containers, sea freight can accommodate large and bulky items much better than air freight. The large load size also means fewer individual shipments are needed.

3. Global Reach and Frequency

Sea freight has a major advantage over other transport modes because of the vast global network of shipping lines. Shipping companies operate on all the major trade routes connecting countries and continents. Their extensive networks allow them to reach ports all over the world. Services run on frequent, scheduled timetables. Busier routes may see departures as often as every few days. This wide reach and regular frequency means international traders rarely have to wait long to transport their goods. The widespread availability ensures reliable delivery of cargo for businesses importing and exporting goods routinely.

4. Safety and Security

Shipping companies ensure the safety and security of cargo during ocean transport. Containers are sealed from the point of loading to final unloading, preventing unauthorized access. Satellite and onboard tracking systems allow companies to the constantly monitor the location and condition of containers. Modern cargo vessels have security personnel and measures to protect against threats. The massive size of container ships also serves as a deterrent, as they would be difficult to hijack compared to smaller vessels. Cargo insurance is also available to cover any loss or damage. Overall, sea freight provides a secure controlled environment for goods during the entire ocean journey.

5. Suitable for Non-Perishable Goods

While not suitable for time-sensitive perishable cargo, sea freight is perfect for transporting durable, non-perishable goods that do not require fast delivery. This includes items like electronics, machinery, clothing, toys, furniture and many industrial parts. The controlled environment inside containers helps prevent damage to goods from extreme temperatures or weather during the voyage.


Sea freight provides a low-cost, high-capacity solution for shipping large volumes of non-perishable cargo globally. Its extensive network coverage, frequency, security advantages and suitability for durable goods make it a top choice when transporting cargo internationally. For the right goods, sea freight forwarder offers businesses and individuals significant savings and transportation benefits over other options.

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