The Ultimate Guide to Crafting and Using Soothing Anxiety Balm

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It comes as no surprise that many people struggle with anxiety in today’s fast-paced environment. Anxiety can appear out of nowhere, whether it be due to the pressures of work, the difficulties of daily living, or the strain of unanticipated events. Making and using a soothing anxiety balm is one method for managing anxiety that is natural and effective.


Recognizing anxiety

Anxiety is a typical and normal response to stress, but when it persists for a long time or becomes overwhelming, it can have a significant negative effect on both mental and physical health. Using soothing anxiety balms is one strategy that has gained popularity for managing anxiety, which is crucial for our general health.


What Exactly Is a Calming Anxiety Balm?

A carefully formulated mixture of herbs, essential oils, and other all-natural ingredients makes up a soothing anxiety balm, which is intended to relieve tension and anxiety. These balms not only have a calming impact on the body but also on the psyche. They allow for a multi-sensory experience that can aid in reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. They can be applied topically and inhaled.


How to Make Your Own Calming Anxiety Balm?

It can be gratifying and therapeutic to make your own soothing anxiety balm. To get you going, try this straightforward recipe:



  • Start off with a neutral carrier oil, like sweet almond or jojoba oil. You will require about 2 ounces.


  • Approximately 1 ounce of beeswax is required to give your balm a firm texture.


  • Use essential oils, such as lavender, chamomile, and frankincense, which are known for their relaxing effects. Total essential oil usage should be 20–30 drops.


  • Herbs: Dried lavender buds or chamomile blossoms can be added for an additional calming effect.




  • Melt the carrier oil and beeswax jointly in a double boiler or microwave. Mix thoroughly by stirring.


  • Remove the mixture from the heat and let it cool a moment to cool. Include the dry herbs you’re using and your preferred essential oils. Give it a good stir.


  • In a small glass or tin jar or any clean, empty container, pour the mixture. Let it set up and cool.


  • It’s time to utilise your soothing anxiety balm. Every time you feel worried, dab a little on your temples, under your nose, or pulse points.


Employing Your Calming Anxiety Balm

It’s critical to know how to use your anxiety balm once you’ve made it. The following advice:


  • Apply to Pulse Points: Gently massage your wrists, neck, and temples with a small bit of the balm. The essential oils’ scent is released more easily in these warm environments.


  • Deep Inhalation: Take a moment to breathe in the aroma deeply, paying attention to your breath as you do so. This straightforward mindfulness exercise can assist with mind-calming.


  • Applying the balm before bed might encourage relaxation and enhance the quality of your sleep.


Recognizing the Ingredients

Your soothing anxiety balm’s ingredients all play a critical part in bringing relief:


  • Carrier Oil: It helps the balm spread smoothly on your skin and dilutes the essential oils.


  • Beeswax: By giving the balm a firm feel, it is simpler to use and carry around.


  • Lavender is well known for its relaxing effects, and chamomile and frankincense have a calming influence on the psyche.


  • Dried herbs offer a deeper level of relaxation to the balm in addition to enhancing the aroma.


Essential Oils: The Science Behind Them

It is not simply anecdotal evidence that essential oils can help manage anxiety. Numerous essential oils have been found to have anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) effects by scientific studies. The following list of essential oils that are frequently found in anxiety balms is backed by research:


  • One of the most thoroughly studied essential oils for anxiety is lavender. According to studies, breathing in lavender oil helps ease anxiety and increase calmness.


  • Chamomile: The anti-anxiety effects of chamomile essential oil are well-known, as are its calming qualities. It may be able to lessen the effects of generalized anxiety disorder.


  • Frankincense: When utilized in aromatherapy, it has been discovered that frankincense offers calming benefits. Its aroma can help people feel less stressed and anxious.



As a result, making and applying a calming anxiety balm can be a potent supplement to your anxiety-management techniques, offering a holistic and all-natural method of finding serenity in a busy world. As you learn more about aromatherapy, think about using essential oil blends nz into your recipes for balm. Your journey toward anxiety reduction is further enhanced by the distinctive terroir and unadulterated purity of New Zealand’s essential oils. Create your own anxiety balm, apply it to your pulse points, breathe deeply in the calming smells, and enjoy the serenity it may bring. You can improve your well-being and find comfort in the middle of life’s pressures by using essential oil blends from New Zealand.

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