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The Best Way To Maximize Your Solar Investment: Solar Battery Storage

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As people and agencies are shifting toward sustainable alternatives to standard electricity sources, solar power has been in excellent popularity in recent years. Being an Australian, you should not miss a chance to invest in a solar panel system and get higher returns on your investment faster than others, as the sun shines brighter in Australia than in other parts of the world.

Solar battery storage systems are designed to store greater electricity generated by way of solar panels for later use. In this article, we’ll discuss solar batteries Australia, the way it operates, what factors should be considered well before opting for solar batteries, and why it is considered the best way to get the most from your solar panel system’s investment.

What is Solar Battery Storage?

Solar battery storage also commonly known as sun batteries, is an alternative to sending your energy back to the grid and use when you need it. The solar battery is an appliance that can be installed attached to the solar panel system that will store extra electricity generated by solar panels for later use. Batteries store energy in chemical power and it can be reconverted into electricity when required. This saved power (or chemical power) can be used in the night hours or on cloudy days when there isn’t sufficient sunlight for your solar panels to generate power.

How Does Solar Battery Storage Work?

Solar battery storage systems work together with your solar panels and inverter. If your solar panels produce excess power than your electricity usage, the excess power can be sent to the battery so that it can be stored for later use or can be returned to the grid. When the need for energy exceeds the amount generated by your solar panels, the battery’s stored energy is released to fulfill your house or business electricity needs.

Important Factors to be Considered When Choosing Solar Batteries

One of the best examples of this is Tesla Powerwall. When deciding on solar batteries for your solar electricity system, numerous elements need to be considered to ensure the best performance and effectiveness of the overall system. 

Battery Material and Chemistry

Battery’s material and chemistry are essential factors to keep in mind when choosing batteries. There are lithium-ion batteries available in the market which have high electricity density and a longer life. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option then lead-acid batteries are a good alternative but they have shorter lifespans compared to the former. Choose chemistry that satisfies your specific desires and finances.

Size of Your Solar Panels

Ensure that the solar batteries you pick are well-matched along with your existing solar panel device. Mismatched components can result in inefficiencies and reduced ordinary performance. Seek steerage from a professional installer to ensure seamless integration.

Battery Life and Warranty

Battery lifespan is a critical attention. Assess the predicted range of fee-discharge cycles a battery can endure. Longer-lasting batteries frequently include greater prolonged warranties, imparting peace of mind concerning the sturdiness of your investment.

Discharge Depth

The intensity to which a battery can discharge without harm is important. A battery’s depth of discharge (DoD) can affect its overall lifespan and performance. Be mindful of a battery’s DoD to maximize its sturdiness.

Cost and Return on Investment  

Keep in mind that inflation is continuously rising upwards, therefore evaluate the cost of the solar battery system accordingly. Calculate the capacity return on funding by using factoring in strength financial savings, decreased reliance on the grid, and any available incentives or rebates. A careful cost-gain analysis will help you make an informed choice aligned with your budget and power desires.

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Benefits of Solar Battery Storage System

Here are the top benefits of batteries for solar panels Australia:

Independence from External Sources of Energy

A solar battery is a need for a house powered only with the aid of solar. The battery can store power all day, so it may be used at night time. When there are cloudy days or energy outages, a solar battery appliance may additionally convert your off-grid solar panels system into a backup.

Enhanced Energy Usage

Another benefit of solar battery storage is it helps to ease the self-consumption of electricity generated by solar. Without a battery, excess power generated is frequently transferred back into the grid, and then again at the time of need it is pulled back from the grid. However, with a solar battery storage machine, you can store and use this excess power yourself also it will help you decrease your reliance on the grid and maximize your solar investment.

Saving more on Electricity Bills

Solar battery storage systems can allow you to take benefit of time-of-use electricity charges. Many utility organizations provide exceptional charges depending on the time of day, with higher quotes at some points of high hours and decreased quotations at some points of off-peak hours. By installing a solar battery system you can neglect all these charges and make use of your self-generating electricity and save a significant amount on your energy bills.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Adapting to solar energy can reduce your use of fossil fuels consumption and carbon emissions into the environment significantly. Solar power batteries generate electricity during the daylight, which can then be used as an alternative to energy generated from traditional sources of earlier. 

Power is Available During Blackouts

One of the key advantages of solar battery storage is its ability to provide backup during power outages. In areas prone to blackouts or natural disasters, having a solar battery storage system can be a game-changer. Rather than being left in the dark when the grid goes down, homeowners with solar battery storage can continue to power their essential appliances and devices, ensuring their comfort and safety.

Install Solar Batteries to Enhance the Return on Your Solar Panel Investment!

As Perth, Australia is considered one of the ideal places to install solar panels in Perth, do not miss a chance to use more of the energy produced by your solar panel system by storing it more via solar batteries. Apart from allowing you to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future, solar is a more efficient and cost-effective energy system.

Consult with an Australian solar battery company today and find the best customized solution to maximize your solar investment!

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