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SMD screen

SMD Screen and Led Screen Price in Pakistan

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SMD screen, In this age of digital technology visual communication has been essential, which has led to a growing demand for top-quality screens for various purposes. Screens made of SMD (Surface Mount Device) screens as well as LCD (Light Emitting Diode) screens have become prominent options for displays in Pakistan. This article delved into the world of SMD and LED screens, examining the costs, the aspects that impact their costs and providing useful information for those who are looking to invest in these kinds of technologies in Pakistan, SMD screen

Understanding LED Screens and SMD Screens

SMD Screens

Screens with SMD are kind of display technology which makes use of surfaces mount technology (SMDs) to produce vibrant and high-resolution images. These screens are well-known for their sleek appearance and excellent image quality. They are used in outdoor advertisements, sports stadiums as well as various indoor display options.

LED Screens

LED screens On the other hand utilize light-emitting diodes to create videos and images. They are extremely energy efficient and are suitable for many purposes, including indoor signage and large-scale outdoor displays as well as home entertainment system.

Factors affecting the SMD and LED Screen Price in Pakistan

A variety of factors affect the price various factors influence the price SMD as well as LED screen In Pakistan. Knowing these aspects can assist you in making a well-informed choice when buying screens.

  • screen size Larger screens usually are more expensive to cost due to the higher cost of materials and production.
  • Resolution High resolution screens give higher quality images, but they may cost more.
  • Technology The choice of technology, like OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) or QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode) can have an impact on the price of a product.
  • Brand Brands with a strong reputation typically have higher prices, however they can provide better support and quality.
  • Features Additional features such as advanced capabilities for smart devices, HDR support, and built-in sound systems may affect the price.

Prices of SMD Screens in Pakistan

Factors that influence the price of SMD screens

Many factors influence the cost and cost SMD monitors in Pakistan:

  • Screen Size As we mentioned earlier larger screens usually cost more.
  • Resolution SMDs with higher resolution screens are generally more expensive.
  • Brand Established brands could offer premium prices.
  • Durability Screens that are made for outdoor use could be more expensive because of their tough design.

The Most Popular SMD Screen Manufacturers and Their Prices

  1. Samsung SMD Screens:
    • Samsung 55-inch SMD Screen: PKR 80,000
    • Samsung 75-inch SMD Screen: PKR 150,000
  2. LG SMD Screens:
    • LG 65-inch SMD Screen: PKR 90,000.
    • LG 85-inch Screen with SMD: the PKR 180,000

Prices for LED Screens in Pakistan

Factors that affect the price of LED screens

The factors that affect the prices of LED screens are very identical to SMD screens.

  • screen size Screen Size: Larger LED screens cost an extra cost.
  • Resolution Higher resolution LED screens are more expensive.
  • Brand Brands that are not reputable may have higher prices.
  • Features Additional features may make the price more expensive.

Leading LED Screen Manufacturers and Prices

  1. Sony LCD Screens:
    • Sony 55-inch LED Screen: PKR 75,000
    • Sony 65-inch LED Screen: PKR 100,000
  2. TCL LED Screens:
    • TCL 50-inch LED Screen TCL 50-inch LED Screen: The price is PKR 60,000.
    • TCL 75-in LED Screen TCL 75-inch LED Screen


Screens with LED and SMD are crucial devices for modern-day multimedia and communication needs in Pakistan. Prices vary based on the factors such as size resolution, resolution, brand and other specifications. For the best decision be sure to consider your individual requirements and budgetary limitations. Always research options as well as read the reviews and recommendations to make sure you get the best worth for your money.


Are SMD screens superior to LED screens?

Both screens have advantages. SMD screens are renowned for their high-resolution and elegant design, which makes them perfect display options for outdoor displays. LED screens are energy efficient and are typically utilized to create huge outdoor screens. The selection of LED screens is contingent on the specific requirements of your display.

What is the typical lifespan of LED and SMD screens?

LED and SMD screens can last for years when maintained properly. As a rule of thumb, anticipate them to work for five to ten years or more.

Do LED and SMD screens have warranties?

Yes, many SMD or LED displays are covered by warranties from the manufacturers. The duration and the terms of the warranty can differ therefore it is essential to contact the seller or manufacturer for details specific to the product.

Can I make use of SMD or LED screens in theatre systems in my home?

Yes both LED and SMD screens can be utilized to create home theaters. Be aware of factors like screen dimensions and resolution in order to provide an immersive experience for viewers.

Where can I find the most affordable prices in SMD as well as LED screen in Pakistan?

To find the best bargains look at prices from various stores, and keep an eye out for discounts or promotions. Electronics stores and online marketplaces typically have prices that are competitive. Also reviewing reviews and seeking advice will help you make an informed choice.

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