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It is recommended that all facades be cleaned regularly by trained professionals.
Remains, dirt, and deposits are unsightly and can weaken the facade’s foundation. Various air and precipitation contaminants heavily burden the material of building facades.
The facade may be irreparably damaged if these deposits are removed after some time. Therefore, every show’s professional cleaning by Power Wash Contractors NYC is necessary to ensure its continued usefulness.

Quick and easy five-step exterior cleaning

Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. is confident that we can provide you with the most competitive rate thanks to our cutting-edge methods. After cleaning, your building’s exterior will look great since we eliminate stubborn stains like algae, mold, and fungus. We take great care to clean your building without causing any damage to the exterior. When we tend our covers, we constantly keep environmental concerns in mind.
In-Person Meeting
We’ll schedule a time for you to see it in person at no cost. If you’re interested in seeing the outcomes for yourself, we can set up a demo area at no cost to you. We inspect the contaminants, decide upon the most effective cleaning method, and demonstrate the procedure there. We’ll send you a no-obligation, cost-free quote after that.
Façade pre-treatment
Our Masonry Repair Contractors NYC apply the high-quality facade cleaner and give it time to soak in. Various in-house cleaner formulations are employed, each tailored to the specifics of hardness and pollution. Our façade cleanser is specially formulated to be safe for even the most delicate surfaces.
Softly washing the mask.
The filth is sucked into the cleaning solution, and the surface absorbs it. The dirt can be washed away with water now that it has been exposed long enough. We use a little stream of water to prevent any harm to your building’s exterior. We have a specialized cleaning that will get into the pores of your facade and remove any biological and organic impurities.
Taking in the murky water
Facade cleaning results in effluent that needs to be collected and disposed of. A pan at the base contains the water, which is then purified and recycled for the sake of our planet and because we care deeply about the natural world.
Permanent safety
After cleaning, we at Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. return to work on your facade because we are sustainable thinkers and want what’s best for you. We use specific facade protection to seal off the cleaned area and prevent further fungal or algal growth.

Guidelines For Effective Exterior Cleaning

Never use a high-pressure cleaner in the rain or any other wet conditions.
Working at heights requires a second person to hold the ladder and keep you safe.
Seal all openings. Cover outlets and light switches with tape.
Remove any ornaments and plants.
In a hidden spot, try out various water pressures and cleaning solutions.
The best time to clean your facade is on a sunny day in the spring or fall that is not too hot. After a cleaning, this expedites the drying time. One should also clean up after a rainstorm. The dirt has seeped into the damp walls and is easier to wipe away.
Over some time, the materials of plaster and paint undergo a process of deterioration, resulting in the fragmentation, loss, or detachment of their respective layers. To mitigate potential harm during the cleaning process, it is advisable to conduct a thorough examination of the facade’s structural integrity and the presence of any cracks or breaks through the act of wiping. The utilization of a knock test can further facilitate the identification of potential flaws. If Brick Pointing Contractors NY NY identifies any damaged areas, it is imperative to refrain from initiating the cleaning process on the plastered facade under any circumstances. Subsequently, applying a fresh layer of paint or a comprehensive restoration becomes imperative.

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