Luxury Singapore Tour Packages from Travejar

Luxury Singapore Tour Packages from Travejar

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One of the best Travel booking sites in India, will offer you the best of the luxury travel packages to make your holiday and trips memorable, comfortable, and with the best of the experiences. Similarly, Travejar offers luxury Singapore tour packages for you to experience the best of Singapore. With a wide range of Singapore vacation packages, you may organize any type of trip, from solo, off-the-beaten trips to family vacations.

One of the most developed and most preferred tourist destinations in South East Asia, Singapore is home to many linguistic people with a blend of different cultures and traditions making the city cum country a melting pot for cultural heritage, traditions, and a city of modern marvel. From high-rising skyscrapers to peaceful gardens and from crowded and bustling markets to temples providing peace and calmness, you get everything in Singapore. 

Not only on land, Singapore excels in marine activities and offers exciting and thrilling water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, rafting, etc. The breath-taking river safari, which allows you to interact with a wide range of aquatic wildlife, is another highlight. 

The renowned island resort on Sentosa Island has tons of entertainment to offer. It is the location of Universal Studios, which uses thrilling coasters and other film-themed attractions to resemble a Hollywood movie. You can get up close and personal with bottlenose dolphins during an encounter with them.

Places to visit in Singapore

Some of the best places to visit in Singapore are: 

From its rich culture and tradition to colorful markets and streets, Singapore is a well-planned city that has multiple sites visitors must visit and enjoy the best of the experiences. Some of the best places to visit in Singapore are:

Gardens by the Bay:

One of the top tourist attractions in Singapore, Gardens by Bay is a well-planned garden where multiple plants provide you a better experience while strolling. There are multiple attractions like Bay East Garden, Supertree Grove, the World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall at Cloud Forest Dome, etc.

Underwater World:

Experience the best and hidden life of underwater life at Underwater World in Singapore. This massive aquarium and oceanarium houses more than 2,500 marine animals and 250 species were brought from different parts of the world. This place is not only for viewing but also you’ll get a chance to go scuba diving and also a chance to play with the dolphins.

Singapore Zoo: 

One of the man-made artificial rainforest zoos in the world, this unique zoo is the most popular tourist attraction in Singapore. Singapore Zoo is home to multiple animal species and houses different animals like Zebra, tigers, lions, mole rats, Orangutans, parakeets, komodo dragons, kangaroos, white tigers, etc. 

Nocturnal Wildlife Park

The night safari starts as soon as the sun sets, darkness falls, and animals begin to prowl. Here, you will be in the dimly lighted homes of nocturnal creatures. This is the first-ever night safari expedition and one of the top tourist attractions in Singapore. On the night safari, you will be close to the 2,500 park residents, which include 130 different species. The well-known Leopard Trail and the Fishing Cat Trail are two of the park’s four beautiful walking routes. If you’re lucky, you could even get to see the Malayan Tapir and the Malayan Tiger.

Things to do in Singapore

When you’re on a luxurious trip to Singapore via Travejar, then you must experience and do things that are out of the box and full of enjoyment as well as comfort.

Night Safari

The night safari in the Nocturnal Park in Singapore is the best thing to do in Singapore to experience the best of the animals’ habitat during the night. A full safari experience along with a guide is what you get in the Luxury Singapore tour packages.

Cruise Ride

What is better than a Cruise ride during your luxurious Singapore tours? Sail across the ocean and Rivers of Singapore in Asia’s largest ship Royal Caribbean. You can enjoy your luxurious and romantic stay with dinner and a party on the cruise. The cruise also offers a visit to Sentosa Island and Dolphin sightseeing. 

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple 

Take a guided tour of one of the holiest places for Buddhism in Chinatown Singapore. This 5-story tall temple is popular worldwide for preserving the left canine tooth of Lord Buddha which was recovered during his funeral in Kushinagar of India. You must visit this temple for a better understanding of Buddhism. 

Tour of Tiger Balm Garden

Presently Known as Haw Par Villa, this tourist destination in Singapore is an Asian culture theme park and the largest outdoor art gallery. Claimed to only of its kind left, this representative of Asian folk art and myths is famous for depicting the “Ten Courts of Hell” from Chinese


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