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Love Extravagant Manicures But Worried About Nail Health? Builder Gel Nails To The Rescue!

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Builder Gel Nails is a knight in shining armour for those who want to protect their nails and enjoy manicures. The industry is saturated with acrylics, amazing nail art effects, and much more. At the same time, natural nails that are healthy and shiny are becoming popular as well. Consequently, many nail art enthusiasts look for ways to blend the two. 

As much as gel nail polish can protect your nails from the elements, it is equally drying and damaging. Are you wondering how that works? Let’s find out!

Builder Gel – The History Behind The Mystery

Builder gels are a matter of confusion to many as they may sound synonymous with gel nail polishes. However, unlike gel nail, polish a builder gel is used as a layer over your nails to:

  • Improve thickness 
  • Add length if needed

It also acts as a gel nail base coat of sorts. Besides, these builder solutions are thicker than nail polishes and made with self-levelling properties. They can be applied directly on top of nails or over a non-chio overlay. Yes, even with extensions and nail-tips to create length! 

Moreover, builder Gel Nails in your neighbourhood must be known for their immense strength. 

A Most Frequently Asked Question!

A suspicion that many people have is the differences between a builder gel and gel nail polish. If it’s not obvious yet, we’ll explain it to you. 

  • Builder Gels are much like artificial nail extensions made using a thick gel, then dried and cured to achieve the desired result. 
  • Gel polish, while thicker than other nail polish, is thinner in consistency than builder gel. Further, it is simply a beautifying coating that adds colour, shine, and different finishes to the nail. 
  • Both require a level of expertise or practice before the art of application can be perfected. 
  • Additionally, removing builder gel nails is a long process and may need to be filed and soaked in acetone. 


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How Long Builder Gel Nails Will Last?

Like all other manicures, builder gel nails near you will last depending on the application and aftercare. On average, it stays fresh anywhere between two to three weeks. Ideally, you will want to follow the instructions offered by the brand you’re using for best results. Moreover, the old coat and how well it is removed and the nails cleaned also affect the new manicure. 

Oddly, it lasts longer on weak and dry nails. Healthy nails are strong and shiny with natural oils. Thus, they need to be dried out. In addition, it also requires a high-quality base coat for a good manicure. Experts also recommend using the base and top coat of the same brand as your Builder gel nails. The recipe with which it is formulated will go better together, giving you a better and long-lasting finish. 

The Three Week Mark

Usually, most extension nails are rendered useless after about three weeks due to nail growth. Even the slowest-growing nails would have caught up at the end of three weeks. At this point, the original nail will be visible, having pushed out the extension. Luckily, unlike other nails such as acrylic, you can always fill in with Builder Gel Nails. However, it is highly recommended to go to an expert for this. 

Infilling requires a trained hand to guarantee it blends well with the existing manicure. Additionally, an amateur infill may look too obvious and identifiable. This is something you will want to avoid. 

How To Get The Best Of Builder Gel?

For an ideal builder gel manicure that not only looks good but also lasts long, the right tools are important. One of the more common questions regarding builder gels is the necessity of base coats. Well, there’s no conclusive answer to this. It depends on the brand you turn to. Some brands require a base coat or a primer; others can be used directly on your nails. 

How To Extend The Nail Using Builder Gel?

You will need specific tools to lengthen your nails when using builder gel. Besides, one must first fit the nail tip form to your nail and then apply the gel onto it. You can then extend it as much as you want and add thickness as well. Be sure to follow brand instructions for the best finish. They will also state how long you should cure and it is best to follow this. 

Builder Gel Manicure

All things given, here is how you can achieve a gorgeous gel manicure. 

Prepare The Nail

Preparation is key to any good manicure, no matter what type it is. You begin with filing and buffing your nails thoroughly. If you have ridges on your nails, vertical or otherwise, it is best to file them. Be careful during the process. You don’t want to shave off too much of your nail surface. 

  • Now, push back the cuticle and trim the excess.
  • Further, ash and clean your nails thoroughly with soap and dry it. 
  • Use a cotton pad and acetone or nail cleaner to wipe over the nail. 

The Foundation Of A Good Manicure

Some brands make builder gels with basecoats in them. It’s best to read the instructions so you can follow the steps. A good basecoat that has been applied and dried appropriately makes for the best foundation. It creates a gorgeous manicure. 

Tip: Cure it before moving on to the next step.

Builder Gel

Once the base coat is dry, you can apply a thin layer of builder gel. 

  • Use a flat nail brush to make this step easy and efficient. 
  • Cure it under an LED or UV lamp and apply a second coat as needed.
  • Further, wipe with acetone or rubbing alcohol to remove any leftover stickiness and file to achieve a smooth look. 

Final Touch

After that, you are free to use it as is, or you can apply a nail colour of your choice and finish off with a top coat. 


Often the secret to a good manicure lies in the base coat and nail prep. Likewise, to have healthy nails, you need a good quality builder gel. 

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