Interesting Facts to Learn about Custom Printed Boxes

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A brand needs to reach the potential audience using effective marketing strategies. Packaging is also a powerful marketing tool that can increase your brand’s visibility. Your products need protection and an attractive presentation to convince your potential audience. Custom packaging always comes at the top of the list when it comes to increasing your products’ value. You can choose It is a fact that people love innovative packaging style that has vibrant colors and contains additional features. 

Some finishing techniques help to protect your goods against environmental elements. If we talk about custom-printed boxes, they bring unlimited benefits to your brand. But there are some secret yet interesting facts about these boxes. 

In this article, we will help you learn why your brands need printed packaging.

The Role of Printed Packaging Boxes

An old packaging style or plain boxes cannot justify your product value. Do you know why? Your products are packed inside your packaging boxes. When customers want to buy a product, they see its box and evaluate what will be inside. It shows how a powerful statement your product packaging creates and impacts customer perception. To promote your brand, it is important to make the right choices as it brings long-lasting results. Printed packaging boxes help a brand go to the next level. How? 

Using such engaging packaging differentiates your goods from others. If you want to learn the hidden facts about printed packaging boxes, you are in the right place. The following section can help learn about them.

What are the Hidden Factors of Printed Packaging?

Before choosing an option, it is necessary to understand why you need it and how it makes a difference for your brand. When it comes to choosing your product packaging, custom packaging is the best way to present your products. It differentiates your goods from others and gives effective results in retail shops. It’s time to explore why you should choose it:

Comes with a Variety of Printing Techniques

There are multiple printing techniques that you can choose as they give exact printing results. But when you choose material for your packaging, it comes with its own printing technique. These printing techniques include:

Inkjet Printing

Your packaging tells a lot about your brand’s nature and what quality products it provides. To come up with engaging packaging, the inkjet printing method is an ideal solution. If you run a small business and need limited packaging printing stock, you can get this method. It is also a fast printing process that does not take a long way to complete your packaging printing procedure.

Offset Printing

If you are looking for the most impactful packaging surface methods for printing, you need an offset printing technique. It gives the best results for high-resolution printed graphics. It involves CMYK color schemes that are a perfect solution for your custom boxes. A rubber cylinder is used to transfer the printed design to the packaging surface. It also includes the silkscreen technique. 

Flexographic Printing

It is a simple and common printing technique that involves two inks, including volatile ink and energy-curable ink. This is a cheaper printing method compared to other techniques, but it does not give effective results for graphics.

Luxury Touch to High-end Product Boxes

When there is an event around the corner, a brand needs to win the game by presenting its products using custom packaging boxes. Printed packaging has multiple design elements that you can enhance using embossing and debossing methods. For an upcoming event like New Year, your brand can come up with appealing printing designs. If you have fragile goods, you need quality packaging that can protect them and increase their worth.

Printed Boxes for Shipping Purpose

We cannot deny the fact that our e-commerce industry has been growing rapidly. It has increased the demand for shipping boxes. If your products are small in size, you can choose rigid boxes as they are durable and reduce the risk of product damage. They are also versatile in nature and give the freedom to print a wide range of designs. If your brand has products in bulk to deliver, you can choose corrugated boxes. They can also be printed with engaging designs.

The Bottom Line

To engage the potential audience, custom packaging boxes can help your brand. Printed designs are more likely to attract your audience when they walk into a store. Learning about printing techniques can help you choose the right method to get the exact colors. At Pro Custom Packaging, you can get a wide range of printing methods. We use quality materials to add strength to packaging boxes and make them an ideal solution for your products, from heavy to lightweight items. You can get help from our professionals as they use advanced design tools and come up with the best solutions.

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