Hire a Dedicated Digital Marketer for Small Businesses

How to Hire a Dedicated Digital Marketer for Small Businesses?

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Being digitally savvy is not the only competitive edge you need to make your business stand out in the market. Understanding how digital trends can impact your business and keeping up with the trends is the key to staying relevant in the market.

But unlike large companies that have dedicated teams for this role, small businesses don’t have as many resources to spare digital-related functions such as marketing, web design and development, Adwords, SEO, etc.

Therefore, outsourcing is one of the most cost-effective ways to address small businesses’ digital needs. However, if you want to outsource a digital marketer for your business this blog, is for you. 

In this blog, we have discussed how small businesses’ digital marketing works, why they need a digital marketer, what skills to look for in a digital marketer, and how to hire one. 

So, let’s get into it!

How does Small Business Digital Marketing work?

In small, and even medium-sized businesses it’s typically the business owner who juggles between so many duties and responsibilities including sales, marketing, HR, administrative, and other management duties as they do not have any team to handle all of these tasks. 

Digital marketing is a vast field and includes an array of aspects to compile one strong marketing strategy. It covers a lot of tasks including writing ad copies, designing ad banners, SEO, content, setting up accounts, Social media campaigns, posting on social media, and many other similar activities.

Therefore, having a digital marketer is significant for businesses to outsource the bulkier part of the tasks to freelancers or agencies. But unfortunately, most small businesses do not focus on hiring an expert for their marketing strategy and the owner keeps on overburdening themselves with a variety of tasks which result them in failing at most of them. 

Why do you need a digital marketer in your company?

Whenever somebody wants to buy anything online they start their buying journey by typing a keyword on Google to search for that particular product or service. In most cases, they select the product from one 0f the top websites being exposed to them as available options through targeted advertising or organic search results. 

A digital marketer can help your business to appear as one of the top websites against your nich-specific keywords, In other words, having an established digital presence helps your business be visible to your target or potential customers on the web.

What you should look for in a digital marketer?

Before hiring a digital marketer for your company you need to look for these two elements to ensure you end up selecting the right candidate for your business. 

Ideally, It should be someone that has knowledge and experience in both online marketing and IT so they can act as a connecting bridge between web developers and marketers. 


Nothing can beat the power of experience. Therefore, it is critical for a digital marketer to have exposure to the technical side of marketing to resolve issues and bring better results. 

Marketing and technical background

Ideally, the digital marketer should have both marketing and technical knowledge. It does not mean you want to hire a developer, but just someone who understands the process enough to be able to communicate effectively between you and the developers.

How to Hire a Dedicated Digital Marketer for Small Businesses?

Conduct an assessment test

Conducting a preliminary assessment is a good way to analyze the skill set of a digital marketer. You can ask them to answer a technical issue relevant to SEO, write a caption for a social media post, find relevant keywords for your niche, conduct comprehensive competitor research, or calculate the conversion rate of a net page.

Look for their Social Media Presence

The majority of digital experts have a social media profile where you can check what others have to say about their skillset, knowledge, behavior, or work ethic. 

Request Testimonials

Opinions, feedback, references, and suggestions from previous clients can be reliable validators when hiring digital marketers. 


If you are a small business owner who wants to grow your business, consider hiring a Digital Marketing Professional from Hireadev. They offer Expert Marketing Help for Small Businesses, understanding the loopholes in your business’s specific marketing strategy. 

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