How To Find Tech Guest Post Websites?

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Finding tech guest post websites can be a valuable way to increase your online presence and share your expertise with a broader audience. Here are some steps to help you find websites that accept tech-related guest posts:

Find Websites That Accept Tech-Related Guest Posts

Use Search Engines:

Start by using search engines like Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo to search for relevant keywords and phrases. For example, you can try searching for:

These search queries can help you discover websites that are actively looking for guest contributors in the tech niche.

Search On Social Media:

Look for tech-related groups and communities on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. These platforms often have discussions about guest posting opportunities, and members may share websites that accept tech guest posts.

Use Guest Post Directories:

Some websites and directories specialize in listing guest posting opportunities. Websites like “GuestPostTracker,” “My Blog Guest,” or “BloggerLinkUp” can be useful resources for finding tech guest post websites.

Analyze Competitor Backlinks:

Check out the backlinks of your competitors who are active in tech blogging. Tools like Ahrefs, Moz, or SEMrush can help you discover the websites that have linked to your competitors’ guest posts. These websites might also be interested in hosting your content.

Guest Post Submission Sites:

Some websites are specifically designed for guest post submissions. Examples include “” and “” These platforms connect guest authors with websites in various niches, including tech.

Use Twitter Advanced Search:

You can use Twitter’s advanced search feature to find tweets related to guest posting opportunities in the tech niche. Set up specific search criteria, such as keywords like “tech guest post” or “tech blog contributor,” and filter by date to find recent opportunities.

Network With Bloggers And Influencers:

Attend tech-related conferences, webinars, or meetups and network with bloggers and influencers in the tech industry. Building relationships with individuals who are active in the field can lead to guest posting opportunities.

Check Tech Blog Websites:

Explore popular tech blogs and websites that you admire. Many of them have a “Write for Us + Tech” or “Contribute” page where they provide guest post guidelines and submission instructions.

Join Online Communities:

Participate in tech-related online forums, discussion boards, and communities like Hacker News, Stack Overflow, or tech-related subreddits. Sometimes, community members or moderators share guest posting opportunities.

Use LinkedIn:

Search for tech-related publications and bloggers on LinkedIn. Connect with them and express your interest in contributing guest posts. LinkedIn can be a valuable platform for networking with tech professionals and finding opportunities.

Final Words

Remember that when submitting guest posts, it’s essential to follow each website’s guidelines and provide high-quality, relevant content. Building relationships with website owners and editors can also increase your chances of getting your tech guest posts accepted.

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