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How to Choose an Excellent Persuasive Essay Topic? | A Comprehensive Guide

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If your professors have assigned you to write a top-notch persuasive essay for the semester on any topic, you must have been confused or overwhelmed by the endless possibilities.

In this piece, we will discover some helpful tips for choosing the best persuasive essay topics to write on. You can either use these quick methods to select the most suitable topics. Or you can ask for help by saying, Write my essay for cheap to the companies offering essay writing services.

But before diving into the details of methods to search for persuasive essay topics, let us understand what a persuasive essay even means.

In This Article:

 What is a Persuasive Essay?

Guide to Select the Best Persuasive Essay Topic

  •   Write about what you already know
  •   Identify your readership or audience
  •   Easy to research on
  •   Easy to comprehend and manageable
  •   Write the thesis statement of some potential topics
  •   List as many topics as you can and then narrow down



  •   What are the 5 tips for persuasive essays?
  •   What are the best topics for a persuasive essay in college?
  •   What is a good persuasive essay?

 What is a Persuasive Essay?

 As the name suggests, a persuasive essay means to sway the reader’s opinions and thoughts and convince them of the author’s viewpoints. It is slightly different from the argumentative essays. The purpose is to present facts and figures from both points of view – in favor of the topic and against it.

 Facts, evidence, and information in the persuasive essay are added strategically to strengthen the points and opinions of the writer.

 Guide to Select the Best Persuasive Essay Topic

 Although, you can select any topic to write a persuasive essay on. But it is not the most effective approach to do so. Therefore, there are some factors that you should consider when selecting the topic for a persuasive essay.

 1.      Write about what you already know

 Writing what you already know about saves a lot of time. Otherwise, it would be wasted in doing basic research. Moreover, it is effortless to dive deep into the topic to understand its intricacies when you have prior knowledge. And, when you invest so much time in doing deep research, you start to see some insights and patterns about the topic. It enhances your viewpoints in your essay.

 2.      Identify your readership or audience

 If you write the essay in your university or college, the readers will be your professors. But, often, they assign you the ideal readership or audience. If not, you need to identify the audience first. It will shape your language, communication style, and evidence.

 Ensure that the topic you are selecting is relevant to your readers. The viewpoints you are giving to them must be valuable, sensible, and perfectly articulated. If your audience is highly educated, you might not have to explain the initial details of the topic because they would already know about the basics of it.

 3.      Easy to research on

 It is better to pick a topic that you can easily research about. You must search for credible sources or data to support your viewpoints before finalizing the topic. While researching, you may come across expert opinions that have the potential to alter your thoughts.

 Therefore, choose a topic that has already been discussed and thought upon. It offers a wide range of viewpoints to form your own. But, one thing you must take care of is the perspective you are providing is fresh and adds some value to the essay.

 4.      Easy to comprehend and manageable

 If your ideal audience has medium-level knowledge, it is not a wise option to pick a highly technical topic that might be irrelevant to them. You have the freedom to select whatever topic you want, but one downside is that the complex titles are hard to manage for some writers as well.

 Rather than picking a large-scale topic that requires extreme expertise to have an opinion on, choose the focused topic your readers understand. This focused approach makes it easier to navigate the topic.

 5.      Write the thesis statement of some potential topics

 Before finalizing the topics, write the thesis statement for each one of them. It will give you some idea and understanding about your capability to handle the topic as well.

Moreover, you can write a short outline or argument points on each topic as well to really know whether you have a deep understanding of the topic and enough understanding to complete it accurately.

 6.      List as many topics as you can and then narrow down.

 In the first stage, brainstorm as many topics as you can. The aim is to collect as many ideas as possible so that you can filter the weak ones out. You can gather the most credible data sources and arguments on each topic to weigh them. Then, consider the complexity of each one and your own knowledge about them.


 Persuasive essays are tricky to write. But, it is more challenging to choose the appropriate topic to write on. So, using effective strategies like brainstorming many ideas, identifying your ideal readership, and writing a short outline or thesis about some potential topics would be beneficial.

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 1.      What are the 5 tips for persuasive essays?

 The top 5 tips to make your persuasive essays more exceptional are:

  •   Put together strong evidence: In argumentative and persuasive essays, evidence plays an important role. So, writing them in a coherent way is essential.
  •   Give counter-arguments: Giving counter-arguments in the essays makes them more credible because you have taken time to really understand the other side and then form your opinion.
  •   Incorporate emotions: Enticing emotions works wonders in essay writing. You can share your personal stories, anecdotes, and references to ensure that your readers connect with you.

 2.      What are the best topics for a persuasive essay in college?

 It is entirely up to the writer on which topic they want to write about. However, there are some evergreen topics that every professor assigns the students in the initial stages. You can get ideas from them to select your own. Following are some domains to write persuasive essays.

  •   Biohacking and body modification ethics
  •   Should AI be regulated?
  •   The class ranking should be excluded from the school system.
  •   Should free speech be limited or evaluated?
  •   How does the internet make us stupid?

 3.      What is a good persuasive essay?

A compelling and top-notch persuasive essay has the evidence perfectly articulated, and the research is in-depth. Moreover, proper language, emotions, and values are considered while writing the essay. Remember, a persuasive essay is all about convincing your audience to see things your way. Using solid evidence, clear reasoning, and effective communication can help you achieve that goal.

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