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Government Health Insurance Schemes: Ensuring Affordable Healthcare

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Access to affordable healthcare has been a longstanding challenge in India, a country with a vast and diverse population. Recognising the need to make healthcare accessible to all, the Indian government has implemented various health insurance schemes to provide financial protection and ensure affordable medical care for its citizens. These central govt health schemes are vital in bridging the gap between healthcare services and the population’s economic constraints. 

This article will delve into government health insurance schemes in india and explore how they work towards a healthier and more prosperous nation.

Prominent Indian Government Health Insurance Schemes

Read on to learn more about central govt health schemes.

1. Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) – Ayushman Bharat

One of the most significant government health insurance schemes introduced in recent years is the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, commonly known as Ayushman Bharat. Launched in September 2018, this central government health scheme seeks to provide health coverage to over 100 million vulnerable families (approximately 500 million individuals) across India. The primary objective of Ayushman Bharat is to ensure that every citizen has access to quality healthcare services without worrying about financial constraints.

Under Ayushman Bharat, eligible families are entitled to coverage of up to ₹5 lakhs (approximately 6,700) per year for secondary and tertiary care hospitalisation. This coverage includes many medical procedures, from simple surgeries to complex treatments such as organ transplantation and cancer treatment. The scheme has significantly reduced out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for millions of families, making quality healthcare more accessible and affordable.

2. Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY)

Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana, launched in 2008, was a pioneering effort by the Indian government to provide health insurance coverage to workers in the unorganised sector, including those below the poverty line. While Ayushman Bharat replaced RSBY as the primary government best health insurance policy, RSBY’s legacy continues through its inclusion within the broader framework of Ayushman Bharat.

RSBY was crucial in setting the groundwork for inclusive healthcare coverage by targeting those traditionally excluded from formal health insurance. It demonstrated the potential of government-sponsored insurance schemes to uplift marginalised communities’ health and financial well-being.

3. Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS)

The Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) is a comprehensive health insurance scheme to serve government employees and pensioners. Launched in 1954, CGHS provides coverage for medical expenses through a network of government hospitals, dispensaries, and empaneled private hospitals.

The scheme ensures that government employees and retirees can access quality healthcare services without incurring excessive costs. It also relieves them from the burden of navigating the complexities of private healthcare insurance. CGHS has been instrumental in safeguarding the health of those who have dedicated their careers to public service.

4. State-specific Health Insurance Schemes

Apart from national schemes, several states in India have also launched their own health insurance programs tailored to the unique needs of their populations. For instance, the Arogya Karnataka scheme in Karnataka and the Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojana in Gujarat are notable examples. These state-specific schemes often provide additional coverage beyond the national schemes, addressing specific healthcare challenges and financial constraints prevalent in the respective states.

Benefits and Challenges

The implementation of government health insurance schemes has brought forth numerous benefits, transforming the healthcare landscape in the country:

Financial Protection

One of the primary advantages of these schemes is that they provide financial protection to families during medical emergencies. High healthcare costs often force families into debt, pushing them further into poverty. Health insurance schemes mitigate this risk and ensure families can access necessary medical care without jeopardising financial stability.

Increased Healthcare Utilisation

The availability of government health insurance schemes encourages people to seek timely medical attention, reducing the chances of diseases progressing to more severe stages. This leads to improved health outcomes and a healthier population overall.

Reduced Out-of-Pocket Expenditure

Before the introduction of these schemes, a significant portion of healthcare expenses were borne by individuals and families. With the government health scheme, the burden of out-of-pocket expenses has been significantly reduced, making healthcare services more affordable and accessible.

Promotion of Preventive Care

Many schemes emphasise preventive care measures, promoting healthier lifestyles and regular health check-ups. This shift towards prevention can lead to a decrease in the incidence of preventable diseases and lower healthcare costs in the long run.


The Indian government’s efforts to provide affordable healthcare through health insurance schemes have marked a significant step towards achieving universal health coverage. These government best health insurance plans in india are instrumental in breaking down the financial barriers that have historically prevented millions from accessing quality medical care. While challenges persist, the positive impact of these schemes on the lives of individuals and families cannot be overstated. 

Addressing implementation gaps, strengthening healthcare infrastructure, and enhancing awareness is crucial to ensure that every Indian citizen can benefit from these transformative health insurance initiatives. By investing in an affordable government medical scheme from Niva Bupa, people can strive towards a healthier and more prosperous future.

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