Globe Scale Labels

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GSP30B label printing scale connects directly to a PC for effortless PLU creation, label file access and maintenance, as well as providing a large display to both operator and customer alike. Furthermore, this device includes preprinted safe handling instructions.silver barcode labels jeddah
Label Size: 60 mm x 43 mm

Provide customers with only the finest food at consistently consistent quantities while minimizing waste by labeling your supplies. This Globe 1587-B 60 mm x 43 mm white blank equivalent scale label roll provides first in, first out organization of supplies while giving your staff what they need for smooth operations.

Legal for trade scales like this one are ideal for use in delis, candy stores, coffee shops and restaurants that sell packaged products, providing clear readings both from customer and operator perspectives. With its large LCD display and convenient keypad with 84 one-touch preset keys and extra message option for customer and operator convenience. Plus, connecting this GSP30B price computing label printing scale easily to PC for PLU creation, file accessing and maintenance purposes!

These high-quality ingredients labels provide an economical yet reliable alternative to masking tape and markers, offering more durability and versatility than either. Compatible with GSP30A/B scales, each roll containing 545 labels comes packaged as 12 rolls in one case.
Label Color: White

Keep your store organized and efficient by stocking up on these Globe 1587-B 60 mm x 43 mm white blank equivalent scale label rolls from Globe. Specifically made to work with GSP30A scales, these label rolls provide ample room for printing information like product weights or sell-by dates. With 835 labels included per roll, these rolls should provide plenty of use between changes – an invaluable asset in bakeries, deli shops, grocery stores or independent restaurants alike!

This item is compatible with Price Embedded barcodes (the starting number will always start with 2 or 02 and StoreTender will automatically determine its PLU). It also works well with standard and ingredient labels printed from a direct thermal printer. Furthermore, its large dual-sided LCD display makes reading labels easy for operators and customers alike, and connects directly to PCs for PLU creation, label file access/maintenance as well as file transfer to multiple scales using USB.
Label Material: Polypropylene

PP plastic is one of the five most-utilized plastics, making up part of yogurt containers, syrup bottles and hot beverage cups. It is highly durable with excellent resistance against moisture, chemicals and bacterial growth.

This material offers high fatigue resistance and flexibility. This material makes an excellent choice for items that must be bent, folded or twisted while also resisting mildew, mold and rot.

This legal for trade scale can accurately weigh up to 30 lbs and features a large stainless steel platter that’s easily removable for cleaning. The large display makes reading simple for both operators and customers, and comes equipped with a direct thermal printer capable of printing standard, ingredient and/or safe handling labels. Powered by either C batteries or AC adaptor power supply and comes complete with one year parts and labor warranty coverage.
Label Type: Ingredient Labels

Globe GSP30B label printing scale features an integrated label printer and is ideal for delis, candy stores, coffee shops, and restaurants that sell packaged products. With an easy-to-read dual-sided display that customers and operators alike can view simultaneously. Plus it connects directly to a PC for price lookup, label file creation and other functions!

Gets or sets the font used to render this label. If too small a font size is chosen, pixelation could occur.

Sets the 3D Cartesian offset applied to this label in eye coordinates – a left-handed system where x points towards viewer’s right, y points upward, and z points into screen. This property can help organize labels above their 3D model.

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