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Makeup artists are trained professionals who use their artistry to give clients new looks. They take into account facial structure and expressions when designing looks. Furthermore, makeup artists can help portray certain characters or cover skin flaws.

Ritu is an expert and accomplished makeup artist who has transformed fashion divas in Melbourne, Bollywood celebrities like Kanika Kapoor and everyday folks into beautiful images. She provides services ranging from makeup application to henna tattooing.


Makeup artists specialize in giving each of their clients an individual look that reflects their personal style, from adding different colours and textures to your body to younger-than-your-actual age looks – providing the ideal way to improve appearance before attending any special occasion.

Ritus is an esteemed makeup artist with years of experience, offering comprehensive makeup transformations, bridal facials, henna tattoos and other beauty treatments. Her skills are unrivaled; her work has even transformed fashion divas in Melbourne such as Kanika Kapoor.

Her studio is conveniently located and she provides all of the latest makeup products at very reasonable rates; new clients receive a discount. In addition, add-on services include hair extensions, eyebrow tinting and body polishing services.

Ms. Rathore also specializes in Indian bridal looks and has years of experience working with traditional Indian styles. Her patient and meticulous approach ensure that you will get exactly the result that you are after; customer satisfaction with her work is second to none, always listening closely to what her clients need in terms of achieving the look that they are requesting.


No matter if it’s for an important event or simply to enhance your natural beauty, choosing an experienced makeup artist is essential to creating the look you desire and feeling more confident about yourself. Aside from makeovers, many studios also provide manicures, hair-styling services, and waxing as additional services.

Ritu’s Makeover Studio is a renowned makeup studio offering an extensive range of beauty treatments. Led by top makeup artist Ritu, who specializes in Bollywood celebrity style and traditional Indian bridal makeup. Additionally, she provides services such as adding hair extensions, tinting eyelash and eyebrow tinting and body polishing as well as body polishing services.

Trust her sweet and friendly nature to get the job done right! Her rates are competitive and the quality of her work always outstanding; plus she listens carefully to client needs in order to create the look they are after.


Makeup has long been used in various fields and industries with the belief that it can alter an individual’s appearance, and is widely considered an art form that requires years of training to master. Makeup artists use their creativity and imagination to give clients new looks through covering flaws, portraying specific characters or using wigs for hair replacement purposes – as well as staying abreast of current trends and innovative tools in the industry.

An experienced makeup artist can help you achieve the look of your dreams without causing any skin issues. They’ll ensure all products used are safe for both skin and hair health during this process; never trying to overdo your look but instead enhance it naturally.

Reputable makeup artists offer years of experience and an array of services, from complete makeovers to Henna tattoos. Henna tattoos offer a great way to decorate the body without permanent commitment; making them the ideal alternative. When selecting a beautician to design your Henna designs, ensure they offer consultation services regarding which colours and patterns would suit you best.


Makeup artists are trained professionals who use various tools and techniques to give people new looks. While applying make-up, they take into account facial structure, expressions, skin tone and facial structures when doing so. Makeup artists are in high demand in film sets, modeling agencies and television productions as well as providing people with their beauty needs like hair styling or skincare services.

Ritu is an accomplished makeup artist with extensive experience in both cosmetics and Mehendi tattooing. She has provided services for Melbourne fashion divas, Bollywood celebrities and everyday folks. Ritu’s dexterity shines when she transforms faces with bright splashes of colour, concealing, highlighting or cutting curls from their locks – leaving clients feeling beautiful and confident following her work.

She provides an extensive range of makeup and hair-do services, from bridal makeovers to Mehendi designs. In addition, she also provides add-on services like facials and body polishing. She prides herself on being friendly and approachable – not over-doing the makeup (unless specifically requested) but instead emphasizing natural beauty instead.

Flayr makes finding professional and budget-friendly makeup artists easy in Craigieburn. Search photos, prices and profiles of local makeup artists until you find one who meets all of your criteria – read customer reviews before arranging an appointment!

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