Eco Friendly & Sustainable Packaging

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What are the items that are good for the environment? Will using certain products which are not environmentally friendly in nature be harmful to our environment? How can we keep our environment from deteriorating day by day? These represent a few of the concerns that arise when we learn about the effects of climate change and the resulting global warming. Consumerism, capitalism, industrialisation, neocolonialism, and other significant factors are wreaking havoc on our ecosystem. As a result, many activists all around the world are suffering while attempting to establish a better and healthier environment for future generations. Not only that, but numerous government officials have accepted important environmental rules and regulations with the goal to protect the ecosystem, as they have concerns about the adverse effects that are occurring in our environment. What are the major packaging businesses and eCommerce owners doing to safeguard the environment? This is a significant question that arises in our minds. There are many who are switching to sustainable and eco-friendly packaging materials!

In this article, we will look at several of the environmentally conscious packaging alternatives available to eCommerce business owners. Packaging Midlands is a UK-based online packaging supplier that offers a variety of environmentally friendly packaging supplies that may be used for a variety of reasons. In today’s increasingly environmentally concerned culture, ecologically conscious packaging has become a main emphasis for eCommerce enterprises. By using eco-friendly packaging, eCommerce companies may reduce their carbon impact while also appealing to environmentally sensitive customers. Not only business owners, consumers as a responsible citizen of the earth must have to take necessary steps. Therefore, next time you are in need of a large roll of bubble wrap, make sure to purchase the sustainable one instead of going for the plastic one. Let us take a look at some of the eco-friendly packing choices that eCommerce entrepreneurs can utilise when sending their products.

Paper based packaging and cardboard boxes

Cardboard as well as paper-based packaging are two of the most commonly used eco-friendly choices in the eCommerce business. Both items are easily recyclable and biodegradable, making them an attractive option for businesses looking to lessen their environmental impact. Corrugated cardboard, for instance, is a popular choice for eCommerce packaging due to its strength and low weight. You can also use the eco-friendly and sustainable cardboard boxes to ship your products safely without any damage. Many manufacturers and sellers of packaging are becoming more ecologically sensitive, and as a result, eco-friendly cardboard boxes are now available in Birmingham along with other parts of the world. Paper tape, like cardboard, is a terrific environmentally friendly packaging choice that may replace regular plastic tapes, lowering non-biodegradable material use even further. Consider the following ideas to improve the long-term viability of paper-based packaging:

  • Employ recycled or FSC-certified products to ensure responsible sourcing.
  • Prefer soy-based or water-activated adhesives over petroleum-based adhesives.
  • Customers should be urged to recycle or reuse their packaging.

Eco-friendly packing peanuts

Sustainable packing peanuts have the potential to alter the way environmentally conscious eCommerce businesses safeguard the products they offer during transportation. Natural components that include cornflour, wheat starch, as well as potato starch are used to make these environmentally beneficial alternatives to traditional Styrofoam peanuts. Organic packing peanuts, as contrast to regular packing peanuts, decompose quickly and rot in a couple of weeks. This helps to keep dangerous plastics away from landfills and significantly minimise the environmental effect of packaging materials. Using biodegradable packing peanuts can reduce waste by up to 70%, based on an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) research.

Palatable packing supplies

Consider a world where packaging supplies not only protect your products but also revitalise the environment. That is the potential of plantable packaging, a creative and eco-friendly solution that eCommerce businesses can employ to captivate customers while decreasing waste. Plantable packaging, such as seed-infused paper, comprises seeds that can be planted once the product has served its purpose. This unique method not only motivates people to interact with your brand, but it also contributes to making the planet more environmentally friendly by reducing trash and boosting biodiversity. Plantable packaging can assist you in creating amazing unpacking experiences for your customers, appealing to ecologically conscious customers, and strengthening the connections between your clients and the natural world.

Compostable pouches and mailing bags

When compostable materials originating from plants get disposed of in household or industrial composting facilities, they break down into nutrient-rich compost. Compostable packaging reduces plastic waste while also providing an environmentally beneficial end-of-life option for packaging materials. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, about 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced each year, with just 9% recycled. Compostable packaging can help address this issue by providing a tempting alternative to traditional plastic packaging materials. When buying compostable mailers and pouches, seek out biodegradable mailers and pouches with certifications confirming that they exceed compostability standards. By incorporating biodegradable mailers and pouches into your eCommerce packaging strategy, you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, reduce your carbon footprint, and appeal to a rising population of environmentally conscious consumers.

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