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Since we published the first version of this blog, there have been some major changes in the vaping industry; At Storz and Bickle, the impact this has had on pod vaporizers has to do with how to choose vaporizers, and it has also affected the preference and prevalence of certain types. Along with disposable vapes, vaping kits have become one of the most popular items on the market. Compared to ordinary glass tanks, cartridges have a shorter shelf life, but provide increased convenience and ease of use. The vast majority of cartridges with built-in vaporizers have had a domino effect on vaporizers, and a new distinction has emerged: replacement vape vs. built-in vaporizers.


Let’s start with the Storz and Bickle vaporizers because they are very original and also provide storz and bickle discount on their website. Firstly, vaporizers do not last forever: with regular vaping, they eventually burn out and become unusable. Before vape kits hit the market, standard vape kits (whether advanced or beginner) used interchangeable vaporizers.
As the name suggests, replacement vaporizers are simply vaporizers that can be replaced. In a typical vaping kit, you’ll replace the vaporizer as needed, while keeping all other components the same. In contrast, built-in vaporizers have a built-in cartridge; The key difference here is that you’re not just replacing the vaporizer, you’re replacing the entire cartridge.

Due to the proliferation of pod systems, it is now possible to purchase a pod system with built-in vaporizers or with ready-made cartridges. As a general rule, the less advanced and user-friendly a kit is, the more likely it is to use built-in vaporizers.

Of course, this is a hard rule; One of the leading brands in the entry-level vaping industry, Storz & Bickle uses replaceable vaporizers for their unique Storz & Bickle refillable cartridge set. Anyway, what we call “starter vaporizers” are just starter kit vaporizers. That is, they are designed to work with certain starter kits, but in a broader sense, this means that they have a higher resistance.


Although we suggested the difference between built-in and replacement vaporizers because it is more of a concern for new users, this does not mean that advanced vapers cannot enjoy devices that use built-in vaporizers. However, the types of vaping kits that use built-in vaporizers tend to err more on the novice side; there are many more advanced vape kits (called mods) that are designed for advanced users and often use interchangeable vaporizers.
Mighty vaporizer ranges for the POD kit are just one of several examples. As we look at more advanced vaporizers for vaping setups, the discussion will naturally lean toward materials and designs of vaporizers. On that note, we’ll move on to the next section of our guide: we’ll first cover the basics of vape materials before digging a little deeper.


What we call a vaporizer also sometimes has the more technical name of an atomizer head. Nevertheless, the “evaporator” is acceptable and even better. We mention this mainly to clarify the situation when it comes to the design of the atomizer head. It consists of three main parts:
• The outer casing that houses the vaporizer components. This is the part that goes into the vape tank or pod system.
• The evaporator itself; thin metal wire coiled in the form of a spiral.
• A moisture-wicking material, usually cotton, whose function is to help absorb e-cigarette liquid towards the coil for efficient vaporization.

Crafty vaporizer

The wire itself can be made of various materials, the most common of which are nickel, nichrome, and canthal. However, novice vape users should not worry about this. This is certainly true for hobbyists who want to build DIY coils, but we also know that our advanced vaping users like to have a full view of their components.

Another type of vaporizer that advanced users prefer is a Crafty vaporizer, such as our fan-favorite Mighty +. They work in the same way as the others, with the difference that the wire element is replaced by a mesh. This grid has a large surface area, which provides more heating because the same amount of electric current is spread over a large area. Since the mesh doesn’t heat up as much, it allows for a cooler vapor when running at higher wattage, basically making it the perfect choice for advanced, sub-ohm DTL vaping.

For the average user, you won’t need to think too much about the materials when choosing – currently, the manufacturers do most of the work for you, but we just want our readers to be fully informed! No matter what types of vaporizers and vaporizer materials you end up choosing, there is one element that you always need to consider as a vaper.

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