Canine Moments Frozen in Time: Dog Photographer Minneapolis

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I am a dog photographer. I have been photographing dogs for more than 10 years, and I love it! I’m always looking for fun photo opportunities with my own dogs and those of my friends. Some of my favorite photosets include the following:

The eyes have it!

You can’t have a portrait without eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul, they say. And they’re right! They are also the most expressive part of our faces, so it makes sense that we want to showcase them in our portraits. We’ve all had that moment when someone tells us how much they like our eyes or how blue they are (or whatever color), but what really matters is what our subject thinks of their own peepers–and whether or not they feel comfortable having them on display in front of strangers with cameras pointed at them all day long.

As photographers, we know firsthand how hard it is to get good photos when your subject isn’t comfortable enough to relax and let themselves be themselves in front of you–so before you even start snapping away at your furry friend’s portrait session, make sure he knows exactly what kind of experience this will be for him (and don’t forget about yourself!).

Always Be Prepared

As a professional dog photographer, I’ve learned that it’s important to always be prepared. This means bringing along some extra batteries and SD cards in case you run out during a shoot. It also means having a portable charger on hand so that your phone doesn’t die while taking photos or video of your subject(s).

A tripod is essential for getting those crisp images with sharp focus and no blurriness–especially when shooting outdoors in direct sunlight where there isn’t much natural light coming through the lens! Don’t forget about cleaning cloths for both lenses (and even filters) as well as lens protectors if needed; these items help prevent dust from getting into sensitive components inside your camera equipment which could lead to costly repairs down the road.

Breeds and Breed Groups

The first thing to know about dog breeds is that they are divided into seven groups:

  • Sporting – dogs who hunt game with their noses and eyes, such as pointers and retrievers.
  • Hounds – dogs who hunt by scent, including bloodhounds and beagles.
  • Terriers – small dogs bred for hunting vermin underground or in trees, such as Jack Russells and Airedales.
  • Working Dogs – those used in agriculture (herding), law enforcement (police K9s) or search-and-rescue operations ( avalanche search dogs).

You may also see individual breeds listed by name or group on websites or ads for puppies at pet stores or breeders’ websites; these classifications can get complicated quickly! The easiest way to determine which group your favorite pooch belongs to is by looking at its physical characteristics–is he long-haired? Does he have short legs? A long snout? These are all things that will help you determine his breed group when it comes time for adoption day!

Grumpy Dog = Grumpy Photographer

A grumpy dog is a happy dog.

A grumpy dog is a fun dog.

A grumpy dog is a good dog, with an attitude that can only be described as “grumpy-ness” (a new word I just invented). It’s not always easy to get them to smile, but when they do it makes all the effort worthwhile!

A loyal and loving companion who will follow you anywhere–even if they’re not having any fun doing so…but don’t tell them that because they won’t believe you anyway 😉

When You Must Get the Shot!

When you must get the shot!

  • When your dog is in a good mood. If your pooch is feeling frisky, playful and happy to be around you, then he or she will probably give you the best photos because of their excitement.
  • When your dog is not in a great mood. It’s better to take pictures when there’s no stress on either party (you or your pet). You can try taking pictures of them when they’re sleeping or relaxing at home after work or school–this way neither party has anything else going on besides posing for some snaps!
  • When it’s raining outside: Some dogs don’t care if there are raindrops falling from above; others will run away from them as if they were poisonous snakes falling from trees instead of water droplets falling from clouds high above us all

I love to capture the personality and spirit of my furry friends.

I love to capture the personality and spirit of my furry friends. I want to show the world that these animals are more than just a pet, they are part of our family. They help us through hard times and make us smile when we need it most.


I hope you enjoyed this look into my life as a Dog Photographer Minneapolis. If you have any questions, or would like to book your own photoshoot, please contact me

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