Bull Machine vs. Ace Company: A Tale of Two Innovators
Bull Machine vs. Ace Company: A Tale of Two Innovators

Bull Machine vs. Ace Company: A Tale of Two Innovators

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Bull Machine and Ace Company may appear to be worlds apart – one specialises in heavy machinery, the other in cutting-edge technology – but they share one trait: innovation. Bull Machine manufactures tough construction equipment and is constantly looking for ways to improve it, much like Ace Company, which pioneers user-friendly electronics and software.

Both value quality and are continually pushing the boundaries of their respective businesses. Whether building using Bull Machine’s equipment or collaborating with Ace Company, you’re witnessing the strength of creativity and passion that binds these two outstanding firms.


The ACE AX-124 NS backhoe loader is a multipurpose construction machine made by ACE that may be used for excavating, loading, and material handling activities. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 4950 kg for safe load lifting. The loader’s bucket can accommodate a substantial load with a power of 1 cum.

Furthermore, the maximum operational weight of 7500 Kg allows for easy handling. A backhoe bucket capacity of 1 cum denotes the material the backhoe bucket can hold. It is priced between Rs. 31 and Rs. 33 Lakh.

BULL HD 100 Backhoe Loader

The Bull HD 100 Backhoe Loader is a heavy-duty machine with innovative features. It provides a 120-litre supply of hydraulic fluid to operate various hydraulic components. Loading and unloading goods on construction sites, this Bull machine Backhoe Loader features a 1 cum excavator bucket capacity.

Furthermore, it has a maximum digging depth of 890mm for effective operations. It also has an operational weight of 8200 kg, which improves building efficiency. Furthermore, the price of this model ranges from Rs 29 lakh to Rs 31 lakh.

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