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What is a Dune buggy?

Dune buggy is an off-road vehicle, designed for terrains such as sand dunes, beaches, and other such soft texture landscapes. These vehicles are popular for usage in recreational activities such as desert exploration, sand dune racing, dune bashing and more. These machines provide a thrilling and adventurous experience while navigating desert landscapes and make it easier, fun, and efficient to trek on sand. They are meant for places like deserts, coastal areas, and sand dune regions and therefore dune buggy Dubai is understandably suited.

Dubai has a brilliant sandy landscape and desert terrains, making it the perfect opportunity to ride around a dune buggy and explore the textures the place has to offer. In fact, dune buggies are one of the most popular and key attraction for visitors and tourists. Here are a few advantages of using a dune buggy in Dubai –

Desert exploration and sight-seeing

Now Dubai is a sandy terrain with majestic deserts that are very scenic. Sightseers visiting Dubai often particularly visit these places. Dune buggies act as a mode of transportation and comfort as they provide you with an efficient and adventurous way of exploring the desert. They allow you to access beautiful and remote desert locations which otherwise might not have been accessible or difficult to reach, and cover much more ground as well. Dune buggies will let you take in the stunning natural view and uniqueness of Dubai’s sands.

Adventure and Thrill

Dune buggies are a great source of thrill and adventure and they elevate your exploration game drastically. You can ride across the sandy terrain with its dunes and dips, up and down navigating through the vast, seemingly unending landscape. It can be quite an adventure ride, and an exhilarating way of exploring the dense desert landscape of Dubai.

Ease of handling and controlling of the vehicle

Dune buggies are designed in such a way that they do not give you trouble when it comes to handling and driving the vehicle. They are made in such a way that a wide range of riders with varied level of experience may be able to drive. The drivers range from experienced off-road enthusiasts to even the simple beginner. The vehicle is easy to handle, has simple controls that can be picked up quickly, which means that even an individual with limited off-road driving experience can operate the dune buggy.

Customizable options for tours

Many tour companies and guide operators in Dubai offer dune buggy excursions with the flexibility of customization. This means that you can setup your dune buggy ride according to your preference. The customizable options include the duration of the ride, the intensity of the ride i.e. whether you would like a relaxed or an extreme dune bashing experience, and you may also choose whether you want a guide to accompany you or not. This freedom of choice will assure that you maximize the best out of your excursion.

Expert Guided Excursions

Dune buggy excursions are led by experienced guides who have a vast and detailed knowledge regarding both the vehicle and the landscape. This ensures that you can be assured about safety concerns and have an informed and enjoyable trip, as they will also provide you with insights about the local landscape, environment, and culture. The guide also knows the region quite thoroughly and will take you to the best places, whether it be the adventure spots or the sightseeing places, or simple exploration.

Group Activities

Since dune buggies are available for group tours as well, it is a great opportunity to plan it as a group adventure. You can take this trip with friends, family, or even as a corporate team-building event. A group dune buggy excursion means that you will be riding in a convoy, which honestly is a very rare and exciting experience that is not as common with other forms of adventuring or exploration.

Safety and Comfort features

Dune buggies are equipped with multiple features that ensure the passenger’s safety and comfort. These vehicles are built to be lightweight, which in turn maximizes maneuverability and performance for the soft and uneven terrain. Typically they have an open frame with no roof, or enclosed structure which gives you a sense of mobility and freedom and a better visibility for driving and sightseeing. Dune buggies have roll cages and seatbelts installed to enhance rider safety in unconventional and challenging off-road conditions.

All-weather activity

Dubai is a region that has a consistent dry and sunny weather making it possible for dune buggies to be active all year-round. This versatile timing allows visitors and residents to be able to possible ride around in a dune buggy during whichever time they are visiting.

Photography opportunities

The sands of Dubai are incredibly photogenic. In fact, this desert landscape over the years has established itself as a hotspot for photography across all categories; whether it be landscape photography, fashion and modeling photo shoots, nature photography or other such categories. Many movies and cinematographic content have been shot in the deserts as well. Dune buggy tours allow photography enthusiasts to explore the vast landscape and find the best shots possible of scenes like the dunes, sunsets, desert flora and fauna etc.

Cultural Experiences

Some dune buggy excursions and tours in Dubai incorporate cultural elements into their programs that make the tours more dynamic, interesting, and attractive. Such activities are often offered by the more tourist-centric tour companies. These elements involve visits to desert camps where you will be able to experience their lifestyle firsthand by eating traditional meals, interacting with the locals such as the Bedouin communities, and partaking in their entertainment practices.


Buggy driving Dubai, is a must try activity whether you are a visitor or a resident. Remember however to prioritize safety and take a well experienced guide with you as much as possible. The desert is a wonderful and rich landscape but is not quite easy when it comes to navigation, especially as a first timer.

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