japanese used car for sale
japanese used car for sale

Benefits of Buying Cars From Japanese Car Auction Sites

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Numerous vehicles enter Japanese car auction houses as it is much easier to sell them there. Many people buy cars from Japanese car auction houses as they are reliable and provide a variety of exceptional-quality cars at a range of prices. 

Many Japanese vehicle exporters have online Japanese car auction sites so distance does not become a barrier between your dream car and you. Below are a few reasons people prefer buying a car from auction houses.


There are more than 100 Japanese car exporters such as SAT Japan, Be Forward, and Next Drive that provide auction services. If you don’t find a car that meets your requirements you can switch to auction services. Japanese car auction houses contain a variety of cars. Toyota, Honda, or Nissan you name it and they have it. 


Japanese vehicle exporters have reliable cars in their auction houses. These Japanese automobiles are often in good condition because people sell their cars to buy a new one every three to four years. Moreover, the Shaken Law has ensured buyers get exceptional quality cars. 

According to this law, every vehicle must go through a quality inspection program after every two years. It ensures that all the vehicles on the road are of exceptional quality and safe to drive on the roads. What’s more, they provide buyers with every detail of the vehicle’s condition.  

When customers select a car they are provided with an inspection sheet that contains details of any dents or other flaws in the car. This helps buyers to make informed decisions when buying a car.


Japanese automobiles have features that most countries consider to be additional features (s). So, if you’re from another country you might be able to purchase a low-priced car with many accessories at a Japanese car auction site. Most Japanese vehicles possess infotainment systems with Bluetooth Connectivity, Keyless Entry, and Navigation Systems.

Low price

You can save money by buying cars at a Japanese car auction as there is no extra dealership profit margin. There are a variety of cars available for Japanese car auction which lowers the price of Japanese cars. You can find various models at a range of reasonable prices. After selecting a car if the customer finds a flaw in the car he can buy the vehicle at a much cheaper price.

How To Take Part In An Auction?

You can visit the showrooms of Japanese car exporting companies to examine and select your favorite car. If you are unable to visit a showroom you can visit their online Japanese car auction sites. You may view images of the vehicle and ask for more pictures for your satisfaction. Once you have selected your vehicle you can bid on it.

 However, if you are unable to bid yourself then you can ask a Japanese used car dealer to bid on your behalf or you may bid on Japanese car auction sites. The bidding starts. When the price of the car reaches the maximum value the seller announces it. He starts the countdown.

 If someone can offer him a higher value he may inform him. The seller chooses the bidder who offers the maximum amount. A deal is finalized between the seller and buyer.  Once the payment is made the buyer becomes the owner of the car.

Japanese Vehicle Exporters That Provide Auction Services

Japanese automobile exporters provide physical and online auction services. If you are unable to be physically present at the place where bidding will take place then you can visit their Japanese used car auction sites. Some of the companies that provide reliable auction services are listed below.

  • SAT Japan
  • Be Forward
  • Japan Car Trade
  • SBT Japan
  • Next Drive


Buying a vehicle online is risky hence Japanese vehicle exporters ensure that their online Japanese car auction sites provide viewers with the maximum number of pictures and a sheet informing the customers of the vehicle’s condition. This helps buyers select a vehicle of their choice. 

Some Japanese car exporting companies provide a refund if the bidder is unable to get the car on which he bids so no fear of losing money. In addition, Japanese auction houses have a variety of reliable cars available which provides buyers with numerous options and they can select the car they want. Lastly, these vehicles are available at a much cheaper price.

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