An overview of silicone tubing

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Silicone tube has superior elasticity, flexibility and strength. It can be stretched without tearing and it turns out to be versatile. Just like rubber diaphragms, they need to be of superior quality. Since it happens to be non-toxic and non-hygienic it is termed as a medical-grade material making it a popular choice in medical and healthcare applications.

Silicone is known to exhibit excellent properties that make it ideal for electro-space and electrical industries. Silicone tube manufacturers ensure that it is ideal to be used in industries where the focus is on hygiene and cleaning. It is also available in different shapes or sizes in the form of high-temperature silicone tubing

The benefits of silicone tubing

Below are some of the benefits of silicone tubing

Superior flexibility

Silicone tubing is flexible over a wide range of temperatures. When you compare it to high-temperature rubber tubing silicone is bound to become soft when you expose it to high temperatures. What this means is that it is suited to be used in harsh environment

Higher strength

Silicone tubing is known to showcase high tensile strength. Due to its wear and tear breakage is reduced. This makes it suitable for industries where the traffic is high like food or plumbing. One of the major benefits of silicone tubes is that it has a long life due to its expectancy features. This allows you to cope with the stress of a water treatment plant, brewery or aquarium.


Silicone tubing is expected to showcase excellent properties that include durability, resilience and resistance against compression cycles.

Cleaning along with methods of cleaning silicone tubing

By now we have a fair understanding of silicone tubing, let us try to figure out how to clean the silicone tubes. Regular line cleaning of silicone tubing is important if it is being used in the food industry. Such a cleaning method is preferred where you ensure that there is no form of unnecessary build-up or pungent smell arising.

For example, when silicone tubing is used in the automotive industry cleaning of the pipes may not be necessary regularly. One of the better ways to clean the same is to apply soapy water or push them through the tubes. Since it is resistant to heat it does not matter how much hot the water is. But if you do not go on to use relevant products it may react in a negative way.

Silicone tubing is used in a variety of medical equipment as it is easy to sterilize. Numerous sterilisation methods can be undertaken in a lab itself. One of the common methods that is being used is gamma irritation. But the problem with this method is that it may go on to alter the properties of silicone

To conclude by now you are aware of the properties of silicone tubing. Hence you would also be aware of the benefits associated with the same. Due to this reason it is one of the popular materials used in the construction industry.




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