Alcohol Use Among College Students

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Alcohol use among college students

Most students start drinking when they are in the initial days of college so it turns into a habit and they start looking at alcohol as an alibi to pass over their bad times when they feel low this generally creates a habit where they indulge in this wrong practice of drinking now and then whenever they feel themselves in dole drums. They must have occupied themselves somewhere in some constructive habitual work so that they wouldn’t have the urge to drink or get inebriated. The tipsy culture has been perverse among the youngsters. It is one of the most doleful social problems and It has been a taboo among the commoners so no one is ready to address it. People generally get into this situation where they don’t find themselves helpless and weak in a highly demanding situation then they tend to make it a reliever and this misconstrues generally makes life hell for the drinker as he will get dead drunk whenever he finds the opportunity. How to build a resilient character and reduce this drinking habit to recover your mental health. No one attends to your problem and tries addressing it by counselling you they just will blemish and demean you by calling you tipsy so most of us are not very much in comfort in talking to our parents. So how, whom and when to communicate with anyone you find yourself in any alarming situation. This helplessness can be overcome by just courage and only someone else can help you in this situation as many of us need just a helping hand. What can we do to subvert this situation for anyone.


Realise that you are in addiction and it is damaging your mental and spiritual purity and once that thought has been part of you then you must have realized now seek someone.

Learn the life skill of staying away from alcohol:

Life skills are very much required to be developed. Skills are of two types i.e. your professional skills and personal skills. Your behaviour, attitude and thought processes are driven by the personality that you need to develop for building an aversion towards drinking. We generally think very dementedly we never get involved in the problems that are associated with us and we gets elated by just drinking and by making it part of our life. Look at your thinking pattern and how distorted, deviated and distracted you are that has been because of the alcohol. Our parents teachers and peers do put out arguments and statements that don’t go in line with our positions so we don’t listen to them. Our cognitive competence doesn’t develop as we don’t make us look at our mental weaknesses and don’t follow our parents.


Start meditating that will help to recover faster. Mediation has been used in many de-addiction centres. A study has shown that 11 minutes of mindfulness has helped heavy drinkers to cut back. This will even bring purity to your souls.

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