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Things to Do in Lima for Couples!

7 Romantic Things to Do in Lima for Couples

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Are you visiting Peru? Are you travelling with your partner? Here are a few locations for couples visiting Lima. Vacations are to spend quality time. Keeping that in mind, we will suggest a few places. Spend quality time with your partner. Peru is a country of culture and history. Witness it on your own. This Spanish-speaking country is beautiful.

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Romantic Places in Lima to Visit with Your Partner

1. Parque del Amor:

This is a park in Miraflores. The park has a big landmark. There is a statue of a couple kissing each other. The statue couple is holding each other passionately. Visit here and share a moment with your partner. This is a hot place among young couples. The park is facing the ocean. Thus, it has a great ocean view.

2. Magic Water Circuit in Reserve Park:

This place is magical. Evening laser light show is famous. The fountains are beautiful. Take a romantic picture with your partner. The fountain lights up at night. It also dances on melody. This place is very romantic. Visit here at night for the best experience.

3. Larco Museum: 

This place is best for history lover couples. Does your partner love history? Visit this museum with them. Here you will find artifacts from pre-Columbian era. Here, most artifacts are from Rafael Larco Herrera. He donated it to the museum. The museum name also takes after him. You will witness the beautiful historical pieces. The artifacts are roughly 5000 years-old.

 4. Choco Museo: 

This place offers live workshop. Workshop on chocolate making. They teach you about Peruvian Cacao bean. And its history. This place is a must-visit. Chocolate sure brings to people together. Make your treats. Along with your loved ones. Although, there are a lot of dessert locations. But this is a fun activity. Experience it with your lover. To visit here and learn, Does Spirit Airlines Offer Senior Discounts?

5. El Puente de Suspiros:

Do you believe in folklore? If yes, then visit this bridge. It is a lover’s bridge. You will feel dreamy here. You will feel like falling in love again. Folklore says, a couple shall make to end to the bridge together. While holding each other’s hands. And that couple will be together forever. Locals have a beautiful story. This place is also very beautiful. Spend some quality time here.

6. Lima Cathedral: 

Do visit this cathedral. It is huge and beautiful. This is a castle like looking white building. It has a museum. The museum has artifacts. Those artifacts are religious. This is place is grand. It reflects the colonial Peru at best. This cathedral is for the Apostle St. John. This place is on the must-visit list. People get amazed with the architecture.

 7. Marine Lighthouse: 

This last place is a bit unusual. But, trust us, this place will offer a beautiful view. A lighthouse builds on cliffside. Sounds so adventurous yet romantic. For the couples, who do not like bland romantic things. This place is a must-visit. This lighthouse was built in 1900.

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This light house is facing the sea. It is in Parque Antonio Raimondi’s north end. Tourists are attracted to its beauty. The landscape it provides is breathtaking. It is also great for families.

Summing Up 

Are you booking tickets to Lima? This place is romantic and free from hustle. Relax with your spouse. Enjoy your time in this city. And if you know Spanish it is great. This is Spanish speaking country. You will get around easily. Traveling with Spirit Airlines? Learn about Spirit Airlines Lost and Found.

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