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7 Must-Know Types of Seating Arrangements for Events

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Seating arrangements have the power to make or break events. It plays a significant role in planning a good event. Matching the type of seating arrangement with the purpose of your event helps amplify the experience for your guests. Therefore, it is critical to give more consideration to the seating arrangements while planning an event. 

However, if you are hosting an event and wondering about the types of Event seating arrangements, this blog is for you. In this blog, we have highlighted different types of seating for events. 

This article will guide you with a list of different seating arrangements and the types of events they suit best to help you optimize seating layouts for events.

So, let’s get started!

7 Event seating styles for events

Chevron Style Seating

It offers two columns of angled and short rows with an aisleway down the middle. This type of seating arrangement style is used to create a clear center or focal point front to strategically seat participants together for group discussions and direct attention towards a speaker. 

Auditorium Style Seating

An auditorium-style seating arrangement has built-in rows of chairs facing a single point of focus, which is typically a podium or a professional stage. You can set up a background by advantage of stage space to make an attractive spot for photos.

Banquet Seating

As the name suggests, this type of seating typically consists of round tables which are evenly spread out throughout the space. Such tables can accommodate between 8-10 people. 

You can group co-workers or family members in this type of seating arrangement. Moreover, such seating arrangement is also used to make people sit according to shared interests such as project goals or hobbies to encourage natural conversation. 

Boardroom Seating

It is also referred to as conference seating. This type of seating arrangement offers one rectangular and long table for guests, thus, allowing them to sit opposite each other. 

Classroom-Style Seating 

It consists of multiple rows of horizontal chairs and tables. All tables face towards the speaker, the front of the room, or a focal point. This type of seating arrangement is ideal for sessions that are speaker-led.

It allows the guests to focus their attention directly on the speaker or presenter, leading the session. You can also achieve this type of seating arrangement without desks, but it makes it more difficult for the people who are attending the event to take notes using a laptop or pen and paper.

Cabaret-Style Seating

It is similar to banquet-style seating but is comparatively more compact. This type of seating arrangement is ideal to entertain fewer guests while achieving the feel of banquet seating. Carabet-style seating is perfect for creating an intimate atmosphere amongst the guests for formal events, workshops, awards nights, and other similar events. 

Family Seating 

It consists of Long banquet-style benches, tables, or chairs. The family-type seating arrangement is used to create an informal and relaxed environment for socializing and a communal style of eating. Therefore, it can be a great option for gala night, company awards night, or similar events.


In conclusion, deciding the best seating arrangements for your event requires a lot of attention and consideration. Like many other things in event planning, there are lots of variables and factors that can impact your decision on seating arrangement. These factors include the number of guests, type of event, size of the venue, and most importantly the furniture. 

It is crucial to plan how many tables, chairs, and other bits of furniture you require. Moreover, you should consider the comfort of the chairs to ensure your guests leave the event in a happy mood. However, if you are looking for a trustworthy furniture shop in Lahore to purchase tables and chairs for your event, Tarkhan is your place to shop.

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