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6 Proven Strategies to Generate and Convert Maximum Leads at Exhibitions

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Trade shows and exhibitions are powerful tools for connecting with potential customers and generating promising leads. However, you need to implement the right strategies to extract the maximum number of leads from such business events. Let the experts from an eminent trade show stand construction company guide you with some proven tactics that can help you in that regard.

Effective Tips to Implement Before the Show to Generate Leads

Generating maximum leads from exhibit stand builder requires a comprehensive approach. You have to take the necessary steps, even before the beginning of the trade show. Pre-show marketing sparks interest and makes the visitors move towards your bespoke build exhibition stand amidst a sea of booths at the show. It will boost the traffic and engagement, and ultimately, the leads.

You need to follow a few strategies before the event’s commencement.

  1. Start Early and Reach Maximum People: You have to start your trade show marketing well before the beginning of the event. However, you need to keep an optimal time gap, so that your target audience can easily recall your brand on the exhibition booth design company floor. With no more than four weeks before the event, you make your efforts count. Customize your promotional campaign so it is appropriate to the interests and needs of your target audience.
  2. Create Exciting Content: Every blog post, email, social media post and even the text on exhibition stands should be a part of a cohesive campaign. Create and follow a comprehensive pre-show marketing strategy. Your blog should be informative, social media posts should be exciting and emails should be actionable. This approach will make your target audience more curious to look towards your participation.
  3. Use Videos for Promotions: Focus more on video content instead of textual and graphical content. Use platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube for real-time updates and videos. Propagate it as much as possible through social media and other digital platforms. Such an approach will create a significant buzz around your brand and your trade show presence, say highly experienced custom build exhibition stand designers.

Effective Tips to Implement After the Show to Convert Leads

If you want to maximize your post-show connections and convert most of the leads, you need to follow a few post-show tactics. When you reconnect and acknowledge visitors’ presence and concerns, it strengthens your brand’s image. Here are a few suitable strategies for effective post-trade show marketing:

  1. Personalize Approach: Post-show follow-up strategy should be personalized.  Send personalized thank-you videos, and take references from conversations or experiences from the event. This practice will make the follow-up memorable and prove invaluable in converting brief follow-ups into conversions.
  2. Use Tailored Content: Create and share follow-up blog posts about the event. You may conduct webinars, invite leads, and make them sign up for your mailing list. With dedicated post-show engagement, you will further prove your value to potential leads. It will boost the chances of conversion.
  3. Measure and Assess Your Strategies: Measure and analyze your event marketing strategies to discover their useful and redundant parts of them. Assess your strategies accordingly to boost their efficiency. Use customer relationship management (CRM) tools to track every post-event process. Track the metrics like referral traffic, social media engagement, and meetings happened. These insights will help you determine the efficacy of your trade show marketing and guide you to improve future strategies.

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