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6 mistakes that can cost while manufacturing Rigid boxes

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Rigid boxes play a significant role in keeping the product safe. They are made up of high-quality material. Cardboard, bux board, Kraft, and cardstock material is used in their manufacturing. To increase their appearance, multiple printing technologies are used. Digital and offset technologies of printing increase the quality of printing. PMS and CMYK color models are the commonly used ways of printing. Lamination methods are used for additional protection from dust, moisture, and environmental hazards. Finishing techniques including Gloss, Matte, and Spot UV are used to add an expensive touch to these packages. They are temperature and moisture-resistant.


Rigid boxes are the most demanded packages in the world. Companies and brands are using these packages to protect their products. They enhance the look of the products. They are a must-have for the safe delivery of your items from storage to the shelves. This article will help you understand the 6 mistakes that need to be avoided during their manufacturing. These mistakes can otherwise cost you a lot.


Low-quality packaging material: 

It is observed that the common mistake people make is the use of low-quality material. customisable boxes should be made of high-quality material. If you are using low-quality material, it will not stay for a long time. Low-quality material is not durable. It will not keep your products safe. The integrity of the packages will be affected badly because of low-quality material. Always remember that packaging is the tangible part. Your customers will touch it and can feel the quality. If it is not good enough, they will move on.


To keep a customer hooked to your products, you have to focus on packaging. With bad packaging, your reputation in the market will decrease. Packaging acts as a silent salesman when your products are placed on the shelves. If you are using a material other than cardboard or Kraft, your quality will be affected.


Sticking to old designs: 

Customized Rigid boxes should have updated designs. If your designs are old and boring, customers will lose interest. It is important to keep up with the new trends of the markets. Using unique and eye-catching designs will have a positive impact on your brand. Your customer will not be happy with the same dull designs. People are always searching for new things. They want to buy the products that attract them the most. Try to make sure that your design includes the perspective of the consumers as well. If your designs are silly, they will not have the shelf impact as well. An aesthetically unpleasing design will decrease your sales.


The packaging should be able to communicate with the customer directly. The bond between the design of the packages and customers affects your business. It is important to make a customer-centric design. Before talking to your manufacturer or graphic designer, research your target audience. If you know their preferences, you will be able to create a design that resonates.


Use of plastic packaging:  

Using packaging that is not eco-friendly will ruin your business. People are getting familiar with the concept of using eco-friendly packaging. It does not cause any harm to our surroundings. Eco-friendly rigid boxes packaging are available in the market at reduced prices.

If you are not using this packaging, it means you are using plastic. The harmful effects of plastic have caused irreversible damage to our planet. Your customers will not approve the plastic packaging. The worst thing about plastic is that it cannot be recycled. It also has no sustainability. You will not experience a severe backlash from the customers; your sales will be decreased greatly. Using plastic will also be an expensive decision for your pocket.


Not choosing the right type of boxes:

It is important to choose a standard size of packaging. Rigid boxes Printing USA focuses on selecting the right packages for your product. If your product is heavy, it needs to behave a large package for its safety. If you are using small and narrow packages, your customers will reject it. While shipping and transporting the products, you will have to pay more for the packaging. If the packaging is not of the right size, it can lose its integrity during shipping. It will not protect the customer at all. If your products are fragile, they will break into the wrong packages. Many companies are seen making a similar mistake. Their reputation is affected, and the customer ratio is decreased.


Not keeping them temperature resistant:

Customized Rigid boxes are meant to protect the products from temperature and moisture. Another mistake is not making them temperature resistant. If you are using packages that cannot resist temperature, the product will lose its properties. These packages are used for edibles as well. If the food products are affected by temperature, their deliciousness will be impacted. Your customers will complain about the quality of your products. They will leave bad reviews on your business. It is important to make these packages temperature and moisture-resistant.


Poor printing quality

It is observed that sometimes manufacturers are so focused on other things, they forget about the printing of the packaging. Custom Printed Rigid boxes are important in making the identity of your brand. If your product is not satisfying the standard printing standards, it will be rejected by the customer. It is important to choose a proper coloring scheme and design for your packages. The printing of the packages should reflect the quality of your product. Using cheap offset printing methods will decrease the worth of your package.



Rigid boxes can be used for all kinds of products. They are highly protective. They keep the product safe and sound. It is important to take care of many things while manufacturing them. Poor printing quality, use of plastic, and using low-quality material will decrease the worth of your packages. Your market reputation will be affected. These manufacturing mistakes can affect your overall sales.

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