5 Things Crimson Desert Should Learn From Ghost Of Tsushima

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Because it’s a lot like a lot of other popular games, Pearl Abyss’s Crimson Desert could look at Sucker Punch’s huge hit Ghost of Tsushima.

Many fans were excited to see Pearl Abyss at Gamescom 2023 because they showed off more information about the future Crimson Desert. After being quiet for two years, Pearl Abyss’s latest showcase has only made people more excited. Some people are even questioning how real Pearl Abyss’s new IP really is.

While the studio seems to have made a well-rounded RPG single-player experience similar to well-known current games, Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima is definitely a game that other developers could learn from. The impact of Ghost of Tsushima would be the cherry on top if Crimson Desert lived up to all its promises.

Combat Stances

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Even though Ghost of Tsushima has a huge open world with lots of different things to do, most players are most interested in the fighting. The developers at Sucker Punch made one of the most interesting sword-based fighting games by giving players the ability to switch between different styles and stances at any time. Not only do these positions talk about different animations, they also talk about different enemy types with different weapons, which makes players change how they play each time they face them.

The fighting in Crimson Desert already looks great. But if the people working on Pearl Abyss can match that game in terms of combat styles and choices, that will be a huge part of its success. There should be a big open world to explore, and there should be different ways to fight threats and tough opponents so that the experience stays fresh and doesn’t get boring after a while.

Greater Mix & Match Customization

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Along with the unique fighting style, Ghost of Tsushima has a lot of different outfits and weapons to choose from. The Iki Island DLC adds even more. It’s important to note that Sucker Punch’s game is not an RPG, but the RPG aspects, especially the ability to customize characters, make the experience nice for players. Players can put on different masks or hats with different clothes to get ready for battle. Some even let them look like Mongol enemies before they attack.

Crimson Desert may have some of the best customization in RPGs if the people who made it can take these personalization ideas from Ghost of Tsushima and add another level of freedom to them. Players are sure that the makers will be able to do the same thing here as they did in Pearl Abyss’s last game, Black Desert, where character customization was one of the best things about it.

Horse Companion

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In the beginning of Jin Sakai’s trip, players can choose which horse they want to ride with them as they try to get Tsushima back. Even though the player’s chosen horse only appears in a few short scenes after tasks, the ability to change it is enough to make the choices worth it. Different colors for gear and different styles for saddles are some of these choices.

Crimson Desert‘s demo at Gamescom 2023 is enough to show that horse riding will be a big part of Happy Wheels, especially since it has a huge open world. What if this is really the case? The horse companionship described above will be helpful in more ways than one. If the makers of Pearl Abyss can top Ghost of Tsushima by adding a companion level meter that changes based on how well players treat their horse, it will make the experience even more realistic.

Skills For Each Stance

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As was already said, the different fighting positions in Ghost of Tsushima let you see a lot of different movements, which makes every fight fun. Also, you need to learn different skills to unlock each of these stances, which makes the journey much more intense and brutal. When players face certain monsters, they can be killed with just one or two hits.

There are some questions about how Crimson Desert will work in terms of fighting styles. Fans hope that, as good as it is now, following the lead of Ghost of Tsushima won’t be a mistake. There would be a chance to add more fighting here, especially when you think about how big the map might get.

Cinematic Boss Fights

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The boss fights and how they are presented are the most amazing thing about Sucker Punch. When you put together stunning visuals, an epic soundtrack, and enthralling sword duels, Ghost of Tsushima‘s boss fights are some of the best ever on the PlayStation. Some of these are part of the huge side quests called “Mythic Tales,” where players will look for gear and then face a powerful enemy.

When it comes to combat, Crimson Desert already looks like it’s going in the right way. Fans have seen a few boss battles so far, which could be enough to please players who see boss fights as very important. The boss fights are very important to the general success, just like they are in many other games like Souls (like the popular Elder Ring). The same might be true for Pearl Abyss’s plans to make the most engaging RPG ever.

Crimson Desert is being made for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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