5 Exceptional Tips To Crack NEET In First Attempt

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NEET is a very difficult exam but it is very important for medical students to crack it. Every year thousands of students register for this exam and to crack it every year they try to crack the exam in their first attempt. However, with the help of tips to crack NEET on the first attempt, you can easily take the first step towards cracking the exam.

In this article, I am going to tell you through which tips you can get very close to cracking the exam. The surprising thing is that after reading this you will not go to any other article. I will share with you all those tips which help the toppers to succeed in the exam. so let’s get started.

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What you should keep in mind?

To crack the NEET exam in your first attempt, it is important to set up a well-structured study plan. So that the entire syllabus can be covered with ease. Prefer NCERT textbooks and reputed study materials. In addition, practice regularly with previous year question papers and give mock tests to assess your progress. 

Focus on understanding concepts rather than memorizing. To crack NEET in the first attempt, it is important that you first maintain a healthy routine with adequate sleep, exercise and a balanced diet to remain physically and mentally fit. 

Take guidance from experienced mentors or coaching institutes if necessary and stay positive, as self-confidence is an important factor.

Include NCERT books in your syllabus

To crack the exam, it is important that you read NCERT books for NEET. This is an important factor to make your exam easier. You should not forget to include NCERT books while preparing for your exam. To be aware that these books are very important for you to complete the NEET syllabus. Surprisingly, at least 70% of the questions in these books are taken from NCERT only.

Design a realistic routine

To boost your preparation, you should create a realistic routine for yourself, make a well-planned time table and implement it properly. Include small goals in your schedule and try to achieve them. This is a very good way to increase your motivation so that you can complete your exam better.

Take advantage of online resources for diverse learning

In today’s digital age, students can harness the power of online resources to diversify their NEET preparation. The best way to crack NEET in the first attempt is to use reputed websites, educational apps and YouTube channels that provide high quality video lectures and study material. 

Incorporating a variety of media increases understanding and perception. These digital tools enable you to access valuable content anytime, anywhere, making learning more flexible and convenient.

Explanation and summary for effective amendment

Incorporating annotation and summary techniques is a smart trick to boost NEET preparation. As you read your study material, write down key points, underline important concepts, and create brief summaries for each topic.

Tips to crack NEET in first attempt It not only strengthens your understanding but also creates personalized study notes. These notes serve as a quick revision aid, making it easy to re-read and understand essential information in the final weeks before the exam.

Regular Self-Assessment and Mock Tests

Constant self-assessment is a paramount strategy for NEET success. Schedule time for regular self-tests on each topic to evaluate your progress. Additionally, take advantage of the abundant NEET mock tests available online. These tests simulate the actual exam environment.


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In the journey to crack NEET in the first attempt, these “5 Exceptional Tips” become the guiding stars. Success is within your reach by adopting strategic preparation, time management and unwavering dedication. Your determination and these expert tips are the keys to unlocking your future in the medical world.

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